Motts Movers R4, 2012 – The Mids

Written by Motts on April 23 2012


We all know about Selwood, Murphy, and Watson so lets go a little left of centre:

Callan Ward ($538,700, 121.25, 64) – Hasn’t scored less than 108 and he’s done it all without playing the GWS Giants. In only 8,176 teams – a true POD.

Josh P Kennedy ($563,100, 124, 121) – Go on admit it: he was in at least one version of your pre-season team and for whatever reason he’s not in your team now.

Brent Stanton ($591,200, 142, 104) – In only 17,857 teams last week. To put that in perspective, GAJ is in 194,076.


Shaun Grigg ($489,900, 107.25, 52) – I wouldn’t pick him but you might be a Tigers supporter looking for someone different.

Clancee Pearce ($394,800, 108.33, 11) – 96, 116, 113 in the last 3 weeks.

Tendai Mzungu ($473,900, 101.50, 80) – hasn’t scored less than 92 in 4 games.

Take a peek at Jack Ziebell too. $428,500, 115, 30 after 2 games.

Value Picks

James McDonald ($106,600, 89, -113) – warning: I seriously doubt he will play out the year. Having said that, he will probably make you a truckload of cash by the time he does stop playing.

Adam Treloar ($113,200, 73, -77) – Handy M/F DPP too.

Devon Smith ($213,400, 60.50, -4) – gave him the nod over Dylan Shiel coz I mentioned Dylan last week and because he’s a M/F DPP.


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53 thoughts on “Motts Movers R4, 2012 – The Mids”

  1. Good looking list.!
    Ziebell is in great form trying to find a way to slot him in.. Not sure there’s room in the mids for my side tho.
    Trying to decide on my trade cash up trade for the week. What does anyone think .. OUT ledger, IN..
    Thumbs up – old mac
    Thumbs down – teloar


  2. Shaun Grigg 5 year SC AV 33 , 69,74,81,79 , at 490k no thanks , Shane Tuck at a similar price may be a better bet for those Tiger fans wanting a player


  3. Barlow anyone??

    Thinking of burning the Gaz trades( 1 out 1 in)

    26k overall so only going for league wins. Sitting at 0-2 atm.

    My thinking is trade in Barlow this week and milk a cow next week to get Pendles in.

    I really think Gaz will be eased back into the side as they wouldn’t want to risk the 9 million dollar man for short term gain.


  4. Let me go left of centre with another Selwood Motts,

    Scott Selwood @ $543,000 with scores of 104 v Bulldogs, 152 v Demonds, 145 v GWS & 94 v Hawks. Ave of 124.5 & enjoying his opportunities to take himself from being a mid-pricer to knocking on the door of being a priemium midfielder.

    With the Tigers, Kangers, Bombers & Saints over the next 4 rounds, his average could break thru 130 by round 9 IMO.


  5. Great write up as usual Motts. Am really tempted to swap Ablett out make some cash and then bring him back in, if he was a defenate three weeks I’d do it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he only misses one…I can just see him thinking to himself ‘how many brownlow votes am I missing out on?’


  6. Hey Motts seeing as we had a GAblett thread can we please have a Carrazzo post with who people might be swapping with? The more research I do the more confused I get. The way I see it of Shaw gets named I’ll probly bring him in. If not Scotland seems to be the obvious choice, but im tempted to go a bit left field and go someone like M Johnson, Duffield, Geary, Rance or Malcheski


  7. its jus me, but i wont be bringing any Pies/Bombers players into my team this wk with the 4 day turn around.


  8. Is it worth it to do the following trade just to generate fund faster

    Devon Smith/A. Kennedy/Shiel -> Treloar

    Thoughts or Thumbs?


  9. G’day Motts,

    Great site…..just started using your site this year as good source of info and opinion.

    Just like last week i find myself wondering what to do, so was wondering if you had any advice?

    Remaining Salary Cap $311,700, Trades left: 19, Team Value: 10,873,000

    Carazzo: Who do i trade for? (want Pendles next week so don’t think i can afford to eat into my salary cap this week)
    Dempsey: Do i start him if named for Wednesday?
    Smedts, Clay smith: Do i trade for JMac/Treloar and $ or save trades
    Rucks (Giles, Mummy, Orren & Redden): do i tweak now and change mummy or do i ride out mummy and upgrade one of the others in 4-5 weeks?

    Any advice/help would be much appreciated as i stuffed up last week when left to my own devices (1,897 rd points) and have a tough opposition this week!


  10. I know I know, saints goggles… but I’ve been happily surprised with Clint Jones’ season thus far (for arguably one of, ifnnot the games current best tagger). Scores of 83, 105, 95 & 109 would be one out of the box for him, no? Break even of 64. Should make that easy coming up against the Dees.


  11. Operation ‘Get Pendles’ has begun

    Figure he’ll drop to $610k next week, I have $135k in the bank, so $475k + a rookie to go

    If they all play I think my rookies will be worth:-
    Magner $255k, Shiel $240k, Greene $235k, Conig $239k
    Kenn $235k, D Smith $235k, Milera $225k, Smedts $135k

    Even if I traded my 2 highest rookies I’d still be about $80k short

    Thumbs up – Start cashing in your rookies this week for J McD / Treloar
    Thumbs down – Grab Pendles a week later (he’ll stay in the low $600 and your rookies will have gone into the $270-$280s


  12. Last year I had Callan Ward, Josh Kennedy AND Cotchin from the start … what I wouldn’t give to be able to afford all three this year ! Oh, and last year I didn’t have Fyfe … what I wouldn’t give to have not had Fyfe this year !


  13. anyone got anymore news on Fyfe? on twitter yesterday they said he trained with main group, did the whole session..


  14. Motts, what do you reckon about this: (playing for league wins – 23 trades left, $65k)

    Ablett out, J. McDonald in
    T. Dickson out, Treloar in (for money-making purpose)

    Next week:
    Pendles in, Magner or Coniglio out
    ($270-300k, my guess)

    Round 7:
    Ablett in (if he returns vs GWS), Manger or Coniglio out

    Any comments would be appreciated greatly, and I know the lockout is only 2 hours away!



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