Motts Movers R7 – The Forwards

Written by Motts on May 12 2010


D Giansiracusa ($517,800, $+56,400 ($+67,700), 101.14) – If I ever announce on the site I have traded a guy out, bring him in because you can be sure that he is going to go berserk after that. His last 3 rounds he’s averaged 136. And his price is sure to rise again this week with a BE of 38. God I’m angry!

J Podsiadly ($336,100, $+82,800 ($+252,700), 108.20) – If you’re not aware of this guy yet then you’re either from overseas or you don’t login to SC very often. Its hard to leave him out when he scores 156. He has nowhere near capped out yet either – a MINUS 73 BE means he should go up another $100k this week.

N Fyfe ($186,100, $+91,900 ($+91,900), 89.33) – Big Sexy gave him a shout out and I’m re-emphasising it. He’s only played three games but he’s caning it with scores of 104, 74 and 90. Major downgrade opportunity. BE of -52 this week.


B Hall ($377,500, $-28,700 ($+11,500), 69.43) – Just heard on the news that he’s admitted today that he’s struggling with injury. No shit, Barry! It was always going to be a risk for a guy who was injury prone to start with who’d been out of the game for so long. I’ll admit though, it was hard not to be seduced by his pre-season scores.

S Milne ($299,200, $-45,700 ($-92,300), 56.57)– Fresh from winning our Most Hated poll with 56% of the vote Milney’s form has been rubbish of late so I’m sure there’ll be a lot of people out there rejoicing. Since a 138 against Freo in R4 he’s scored -1 (WTF?!?), 54 and 50. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say “sucked in, Milney!”

J Koschitzke ($317,800 $-39,300 ($-84,500), 45.00) – Carlton chased hard for this bloke a couple of years ago. After sitting in the stands on Monday night and watching another inept performance from him can I tell you how happy I am that they didn’t get him? His last 3 rounds have yielded 44, 40 and 41. Over that time he’s kicked 1.3. Eeeeeeeeee awwwwwwwwww.


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23 thoughts on “Motts Movers R7 – The Forwards”

  1. Goodesy, scoring wise that is. Thought he was one of the Swannies better players on the weekend.


  2. need some help for my defence with drummond down and 84 grand in the bank should i get scotland or gilbee greatly appreciated


  3. i have a problem with b hall and c rioli
    both scoring very low and heard rioli might be still having trouble with a hamstring injury.
    dont have much cash like 5000 actually, need another forward
    should i go for jpod, or go for fyfe and make some cash?
    tho fyfe im not so confident he will play every game, supercoach headaches. can anyone help my head at ez please thanks


  4. Gray’s my man for a direct Brennan trade. Had him PS before the hammy rumours and 95 pts with only 11 possies (2 Goals) last week in a close result away from AAMI has sold me. SC scoring gold (ala Hurny.)
    Looking forward to Chocko bringing him into the midfield around finals time for premium scoring!


  5. Forward dilemmas in that there doesn’t seem a lot of value up fwd IMO..

    Not sure about Varco – hasn’t had a history of high SC points, but if he’s playing more midfield then perhaps he’ll continue 100 av..
    Fyfe could be a 7th fwd but would you play him with pods on the ground?
    Goodes – has his SC scoring potential waned?
    Gilbee’s a gun (but I have him midfield)
    Kennedy – could that be the breakout game eagles fans have been waiting for?
    Gray’s an interesting consideration – had my eye on him last year and considered him at the start of the season but got off him due to injury.. good value for a player at mid $400s, but is not yet a premium.. certainly one to watch

    My dilemma’s Hall – been bothering me for a while and think he’ll go eventually, so maybe this week is it.. going to lose lots of $$ & atm I’m still up $11K on him surprisingly.. worried he’s due for another huge game tho..
    Can do a direct swap for $510k, thinking: Gia (has topped out but is a class player), Didak (I have a pies aversion – but they are playing good footy), Buddy (is he really back??).
    And what about Betts?

    Have: Chappie, Pav, BJ, ROK, Pods, Le Cras, Hall, (Rockliff, P Davis)
    Grundy is down back and Gilbee mid.

    10 trades (but going for points). An upgrade in the mid and down back and the team will be settled with a handful of trades for LTI,, nudging 2200 av & want 2300 😉

    Or .. do nothing and wait it out a week …


  6. DJM – go to – click on supercoach (left hand menu) – then on the right hand side under “More Supercoach Stats” there’s a link for Breakevens.

    This week I fu$#(*k up! Waited for the teams to be announced yesterday, then traded Hall for Pods (either didn’t see him, or he was still listed). Was thinking of trading Medhurst but decided against – then he’s injured too! baaah.



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