Motts Movers R7 – The Rucks

Written by Motts on May 13 2010

Tall Timber

OK so clearly the 2 standouts this week were Sandi and Nic Nat. These blokes were lurking in the shadows:

I Maric ($374,600, $+22,500 ($+86,000), 83.33) – Has averaged 88 over the last 5 games and scored 121 in R2 showing he has got potential. As the Crows get better so should he. Only has a 39 BE this week.

P Ryder ($407,600, $+4,200 ($-40,100), 78.57) – Starting to warm up with an 85 average over the last 5 rounds. Does a lot of tackling which as we all know is good for SC scores. Had a 96 on Saturday and is facing a 44 BE this week.

Dead Wood

M Blake ($204,800, $-24,000 ($-89,100), 40.14) – Last 3 outings have yielded 27.67. That is just plain terrible. With Ottens down he shouldered rucking duties on his own and still only returned 54 last week. Geelong fans will be thanking God they have a great midfield.

M Gardiner ($204,800, $-24,000 ($-89,100), 51.33) – With King out for a bit his scores should improve but with an average of 43 over the last 3 rounds, you wouldn’t want to put money on that.


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21 thoughts on “Motts Movers R7 – The Rucks”

  1. Just to mention Ben Hudson who is playing alright this year. Score of 96 on the weekend against Jamar.


  2. Potential trades this week: 13 trades remaining $135,600 in bank
    Drummond > Goddard
    Medhurst/Hall > Pods
    Only thing is I’m wary of Hall having a blinder against his own team, looks unlikely with his suggested injury though. Not too late to jump on the Podsiadly train? Lions just lost their General in defence Drummond, so the Geelong forward line may perform well at the Gabba this week.

    Martin > Swan
    Nason > Webberley
    I like the look of Swan at his price, won’t get any lower than this… although Martin may apprectiate in value a little more, and there will be other premiums ie. Montagna, Murphy, Bartel bottoming out soonish in the next few weeks. Would also leave me with Silvagni and Maguire playing on the field this week against Collingwood and Geelong (two of the best) and must win my league game this week.
    Already have Selwood, Gibbs, Pendlebury, Judd, Barlow, Martin.
    Missed out on Ablett, worst decision ever.


  3. Motts, will Warnock get a run this week for Big sauce or do I have to rely on Trengove from Port as my backup for Mummy stupid 2 weeks suspension.


  4. Motts
    Interesting article in yesterday’s HS debating who is the overall better player – Judd or Ablett. As things are pretty slow before team announcements, might be worth throwing up a poll to generate some input from the SCT family (surely going to be more intelligent than the HS comments.)


  5. Who is the man for my midfield?

    Higgins (mid/fwd – can sub with Brennan in my fwd line)
    Hayes (probably bottomed out and has potential for some large scores)
    Cross (consistently scores high)

    I am leaning towards Cross, you should never cross out Cross. But then again maybe I should take Hayes before the sun shines. Although I am diggin Higgins for the flexibilty he gives the team.



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