Motts Movers R7 – The Backs

Written by Motts on May 10 2011


Jed Adcock ($461,400, 103, 109.17, 106) – The Lions haven’t sung their club song in 2011 but Jed continues to get it done for them down back. Scored his 5th ton in a row in R7 to take his value up a whopping $128k since the start of the year. His averages against his next three opponents (Essendon, North and Adelaide) are all sub-100 (in the case of the Dons and Roos its sub-80) so it will be interesting to see how he goes. 3 of his next 4 though are at home.

Daniel Pratt ($366,500, 123, 97.67, 28) – MATT drew my attention to Pratt in a comment he made in the Grimes post. This is his 8th year in the league and I’ve never once considered him for a spot in my team. His best year SC-wise was 2008 when he averaged 99 in 20 games. The last 2 years haven’t been so crash hot for him though – in 2009 he averaged 80 in 14 games, and last year it was 70 in 13. In only 3 games this year he’s scored 76, 94 and 123. Consider him if you’ve got Grimes but just remember he’ll be out of the first week of SC finals.

Brett Deledio ($483,900, 117, 108.57, 88) – Did you know Lids is owned by 33% of all coaches? That’s 124,581 coaches who would be ecstatic about the way he’s kicked off 2011. Averages over a ton and is still under $500k – that is value! Has some tricky games coming up though – 4 of his next 5 are Away and over that period he faces the Dogs, Essendon and Sydney. He also has his first bye in R11.

Honourable mentions: Sam Fisher, Heath Shaw, and Dustin Fletcher.


Michael Johnson ($288,800, 15, 50.00, 94) – no, he wasn’t the sub nor was he subbed off. He just scored 15.

Greg Broughton ($413,900, 67, 85.20, 116) – three scores in the 90s but yet to crack the ton. I know he’s got a sore back, but 67 is unacceptable for a guy his price.

Matt Maguire ($346,900, 58, 46.00, 140) – has only played 2 games but the signs aren’t good.


Alex Rance ($318,300, 94, 84.00, 36) – Has only played 4 games (Rounds 1, 5, 6 and 7) but is pretty dependable – he hasn’t scored less than 79. You can’t ask for much more than that from a $300k player. Had his highest score for the year last weekend. Is in his third year – could he be about to breakout?

Brady Rawlings ($380,900, 118, 84.83, 44) – Has dropped $91k this year and over the last 2 weeks posted scores of 93 and 118. Low BE this week. Consider.

Nick Lower ($259,400, 83, 83.20, -16) – Still great value.

Special mentions: Alex Johnson, Dylan Grimes, and Mark Nicoski.


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28 thoughts on “Motts Movers R7 – The Backs”

  1. thinking Lids or Shaw. But might just go Murphy and save a trade….ill decide on friday!

    also i see T Kennelly is back for Swans. Played last two games scoring 86 both times. Could be one to watch?? had him last year instead of Malceski from the start of the season. That choice still hurts!


  2. Brady Rawlings! Thanks for the tip. I tried to trade in Jade Rawlings but the SuperCoach machine wouldn’t let me. His less talented brother will have to do..


  3. thinking of downgrading Grimes to L.Thompson.

    using extra cash to bring in either Pendles or Boyd?

    thumbs up or down


  4. You need to get Hurny into the Chillers Mottsy.
    He’s obviously been doing too much work in the gym on those thighs and not enough out on the track.
    In all seriousness I think he has been negatively impacted by the new CD scoring system of where the possessions are gained when it comes to playing on from kick ins. This can also be attributed to the significant reduction in scoring of designated kickers such as Grimes, Duffield, Johncock and to a lesser extent, Fisher and Shaw.


  5. I have a theory on murphy….06 and 07 were stinkers for him, 08 avg 93, not bad. 09 and 10 were stinkers and 11 he’s avg’d 103 so far….maybe just maybe every third year he pulls his head in….

    if you cant tell im just trying to convince myself to straight swap grimes for murphy instead of spending my kitty on lids/shaw!


  6. can someone explain why my moves got some thumbs down? i would have thought that bringing in pendles or boyd would be a good thing


  7. fair enough. just not sure if either will hold their spots. especially pederson when hansen comes back. pederson played a great rd1, then didnt play again til last week because of hansens injury. that concerns me. maybe wait until the end of the week to see the teams.

    thought thompson because i have the cash to upgrade anywhere, and hes playing well, and will hold his spot for the season.

    thanks for the feedback though


  8. okay, I know that everyone has been saying upgrade mids over backs, but in my situation, I think j might be different.

    Back – Gibbs, Goddard, Grimes (!!!), Hurley, Heppell, Toy, Pederson, Otten, A.Johnson

    Midfield – Swan, Pendlebury, Boyd, Selwood, Harris, Liberatore, Curnow (!!!), D.Swallow, Pittard

    My options are

    Grimes —> Shaw
    leaves me with about $72,200

    Grimes —> Puopolo
    Curnow —> Mundy/Priddis
    leaves me with about $205,000

    If I do the second one, the week after I can trade a defender cash cow out and use extra money to buy shaw after he has gone down in price a bit.



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