Motts Movers R8 – The Backs

Written by Motts on May 16 2011


Sam Fisher ($476,700, 156, 110.86, 41) – Beacon in a sea of SC dross. Has scored 5 tons (and decent ones at that) in 7 games.

Heath Shaw ($476,300, 149, 109.29, 52) – Rewarded all those that had the good sense to jump on him after the Grimes injury last week.

Robert Murphy ($394,600, 96, 94.43, 69) – And he’s a D/F DPP to boot!

Honourable mentions: Matt Suckling (124), Heath Grundy (113), and Lids (still).


Brendon Goddard ($478,200, 78, 101.86, 154) – Making everybody pay who entrusted their premium backline spot to him at the beginning of the year. Has dropped $155k so far this year. C’mon BJ, find some confidence man!!

Sam Gilbert ($348,900, 77, 77.29, 60) – I understand he has a lot on his mind but Warnie used to produce some of his best performances under similar pressure.

Shannon Hurn ($336,800, 69, 73.14, 85) – At Deano’s request. Averaged 84 last year and 93 in 2009. Has only been in the league 6 years so its not like he’s long in the tooth. Could only manage a 69 in the derby. Not good enough!


Lindsay Gilbee ($397,700, 153, 92.20, 29) – Had a shocking start to the season (last round was his first ton) so now’s the time to get on him if you need a cheap quality backman.

Troy Chaplin ($417,600, 143, 94.12, 34) – Can produce a stinker but after 2 tons in a row, including this 143 point outing against Sydney, his average looks good. Warning: he plays for Port.

Mark Nicoski ($325,500, 113, 82.71, 12) – I went with Rance last week. I should’ve chosen Nicoski. He went up $44k last week alone. Super value.

Special mentions: Ryan Hargrave (slotted back in nicely with a 114), David Myers (129 in his 3rd game), Stefan Martin (125), Danny Stanley (87, still has plenty left in his run) Paul Puopolo (63.5 average and on the bubble this week – just be careful about that shin injury) and Nick Smith (2 tons in 2 weeks).


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49 thoughts on “Motts Movers R8 – The Backs”

  1. Goddard to Fisher looks tempting right now. I know sideways-trading is frowned upon but am loosing patience with last years ‘must have’.

    Also, I would like to bring Puop and/or Hibb in this week. I am not confident of their JS. Does anybody have any pearls of wisdom?


  2. my backline was a crushing disappointment this week, heppell, enright, thompson and lower all sucked balls. deffo going to downgrade this week to free up some cash but who should i downgrade this week? Enright is an underperforming gun so he stays and heppell is still churning out very decent scores so he’s a keeper which just leaves Luke Thompson or Lower? both have low breakevens, but i’m thinking thompson has probably peaked, any thoughts??


  3. Batchelor —> Puopolo
    Pittard —> I.Smith

    next week

    McKernan —> T.Lynch
    Someone Upgrade



  4. Big dilemma down back this week.

    Downgrading Lower. Has to be between Pops & Ol’ Mother Hibberd.

    I think Puopolo has better JS for now and better scoring potential (not by a lot though) which makes him the obvious pick.


    I have Heppell in the middle at the moment and down the track see him as an ideal D7. By bringing Hibberd in I will be able to use both for DPP flexibility and then when it’s time to milk Hibberd I can bring him into the middle (where there will be more downgrade options) and leave Heppell down back.

    What do we think?? Probably a few of us tossing up between the two so a bit of debate would be good.

    or if you can’t be arsed…….

    Pops the bubble – thumbs up
    Ol’ Mother Hibberd out of the cupboard – thumbs down


  5. biggest question in defence is who to downgrade?

    i have toy, stanley, duigan, lower and thompson all ready to be downgraded for hibberd (who can M/D with heppell)

    thinking thompson with his breakeven higher than the others.


  6. Thumbs up – Get rid of Thompson
    THumbs down – Get rid of McKernan

    surely i’m not the only one pondering this..


  7. Things are going from bad to worse. My once strong backline now has an average Goddard in it and I left Suckling on the bench (no E), in favor of an injured Grimes, clearly I wasn’t thinking?!?!, clearly I wasn’t and I only have myself and BOB to blame.


  8. backline is real frustrating this year as consistency seems to be shot
    currently have murphy, duffield, lower, hurn, gibbs, lids, goddard, thompson, otten, toy
    really dont no what to do with duffield and hurn they are meant to be borderline keepers but are not performing.
    otten is inline for a recall after resting his injured knee and he can still make some coin with a BE of around 30 odd.
    Toy should surely come back in after the bye but always seems to be in line for the subs vest
    wouldnt mind getting players in like suckling or nicoski but seem to be sideway trades atm

    any thoughts?
    bout 50k in the bank


  9. I want to get rid of Gram but I only have $21,000 in the bank…
    Keep him or otherwise who should I get. I can’t make a decision!



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