Motts Movers R8 – The Lot

Written by Motts on May 19 2010

As you can understand, I’ve had a bit on my mind this week so I’m going to give you the lot in one post and I’m won’t be shaming the passengers. Let’s roll.

B. Lake ($499,000 $+46,500 ($+6,500), 99.50) – Last 3 round average: 127.33.
S Hurn ($494,800 $+9,000 ($-1,100), 100.50) – Had to give him a guernsey at some stage.
A Mackie ($395,900 $+28,600 ($-25,500), 75.25) – Last 3 round average: 96.33. That makes him a bargain.

A Swallow ($533,900 $+42,300 ($+9,300), 102.25) – Last 3 round average: 132.00
L Hayes ($509,500 $+14,400 ($-120,300), 97.38) – The beast has woken up. Last 3 round average: 111.33
L Ball ($457,900 $+34,600 ($+800) , 88.12) – Starting to fulfill his promise. Last 3 round average: 112.33
Note: keep an eye on Jimmy Bartel’s price after R9. I reckon he’s a bargain now but if he doesn’t score 116 this week he’ll drop even further.

D Cox ($457,900 $+34,600 ($+800), 87.88) – Now I’m starting to recognise him! Last 3 round average: 109.00
P Ryder ($439,500 $+31,900 ($-8,200), 83.75) – Regaining 2009 form. Last 3 round average: 107.00

S Johnson ($489,300 $+37,500 ($+15,600), 94.12) – It was only a matter of time. Consistency still bugs me a bit though. Last 3 round average: 120.33
L Franklin ($490,000 $+16,600 ($+23,300), 96.40) – Great value if he can stay on the park. Last 3 round average: 108.67
C Dawes ($325,700 $+33,600 ($+65,400), 86.00) – Dominant big man who has got a lot more in him. Snagged a lazy 114 last week against the Dockers without kicking a goal.
Note: Adam Goodes needs to score 123 this week or his price is going to drop again. I doubt you’ll ever see him this cheap for the rest of the year.


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27 thoughts on “Motts Movers R8 – The Lot”

  1. Forwards – bad. ROK needs a lazy 186 to break even. With the 30 from last week hanging around will be excellent value in a couple of weeks for anyone who doesn’t already have him in the team.


  2. Forwards Dud — Stephen Milne $268,400 $-30,800 ($-123,100)
    Last four rounds he has scores of -1, 54, 50 and a massive 7 with a avg of 27.5. What a champion!


    1. spot on there motts!
      hey hope everything is going alright with the shit that has happened everyone on here does a ripper job.


  3. PA’s Spuds of the round

    Backs: Ted Richards R8 score 27, ($357,400 $-23,200 ($-45,300), 54.75) 1304 Coaches are asking them self why in the hell did I pick this dud.

    Mids: Nathan Van Berlo R8 score 57, ($323,800 $-22,200 ($-95,300), 55.00) Promised so much last season but I believe he still hasn’t recovered from he’s injury.

    Rucks: Kurt Tip Truck Tippet R8 score 16(Ha Ha can’t believe I was going to trade him in two weeks back) ($289,300 $-9,400 ($-136,600), 46.25) There are still 50,807 Coaches pulling their hair out each time the Crows play, do yourself a favor and kick he’s butt out this week.

    Forwards: Milne as above post.


  4. Hey guys i need some help with some trades. For this week im thinkin of downgrading Ladson>Webberley and Martin>T,Armstrong and then next week that will give me enough cash to upgrade Trengrove>Judd Is that good way to go about it or does any one else have a better idea for me? Any suggestions would be great thanx. I only have 10 trades left and $2,500 Cash


  5. might trade out jack trengove > lewis stevenson and dustin martin > tony armstrong ….this would free up some cash to get a ablett or a swan .. nearly what dazza said ..


  6. Hey Motts, sorry for all your troubles with the Herald Sun Red Tape of late. Hopefully it all gets sorted coz everyone involved does a great job.

    I have taken the liberty of attempting to do the other half of Motts Movers (The Duds), hopefully you approve of the effort and we get some decent comments going.


    Dom Perignon’s: Steve Johnson: (See Motts Movers Above)
    Chris Dawes: (See Motts Movers Above)
    Lance Franklin: (See Motts Movers Above)

    Goon Bags
    R. O’Keefe: $468,500 $-53,000 ($-107,800) Last 3 round Ave: 65.00
    After starting the sesaon in typical ROK fashion has manged the poultry return of 30, 69 and 96 in the past 3 weeks. Should be the one holding most of our forward lines up, but is proving to be the heaviest anchor right now. STOP CRUISING AND GET SOME FUC*ING POINTS RYAN.

    Colin Sylvia: $389,300 $-59,900 ($-91,500) Last 3 round Ave: 45.00
    The Colin Sylvia of old has returned. Next thing we know, he’ll be touching up his girlfriend with the fists again. For those of you stupid enough to have brought him in the pain must be sickening. With scores of 30, 54 and 51 in his last 3 outings, perhaps it is time to look elsewhere.

    Leon Davis: $381,400 $-20,500 ($-210,300) Last 3 round Ave: 65.67
    $210,300 DOWN AND STILL PLUMMETING!!!!! Is that even possible? Desperate for form with one score above 100 in the past 4 weeks, and with Geelong on Friday night the headaches will continue for those brave enough to have risked him so far.


      1. Thanks Motts,

        P.S. I would have put Milne in the forwards as a Goon Bag but I didnt wana triple dip as hed beenmentioned in a couple of comments above. Clearly the worst of the worst at the moment tho.


        1. Nicko I can only hope that ROK reads your post, understands what you have to say and decides to pull out a 184 BE this weekend…especially before those who don’t have him can straight trade him with Gumbleton.



    Dom Perignon’s
    Andrew Swallow: (See Motts Movers Above)
    Lenny Hayes: (See Motts Movers Above)
    Luke Ball: (See Motts Movers Above)

    Goon Bags

    Richard Tambling: $307,700 $-11,100 ($-167,900)
    Last 3 Round Average: 56.00
    I dont have much to say on Richard. Was rubbish, is rubbish, and will continue to be rubbish. 94 Points in the first round has been the pinnacle of his season, and with 2 scores in the 30’s the stench is getting riper.

    Nathan Van Berlo: $323,800 $-22,200 ($-95,300)
    Last 3 Round Average: 53.00
    Still injured and still scoring badly. It seems unfair to pick on Adelaide players but with scores of 57, 69, 33 and 45 in his last four outings it is hard to avoid it. Nathan, the seasons gone anyway so have a rest and give coaches confirmation that its time to trade.

    Jason Winderlich: $378,000 $-11,100 ($-135,700)
    Last 3 Round Average: 70.33
    Since looking the goods in round 6 has managed just 56 and 54 in his last two outings. Still Dropping in price and it would be a brave coach to bring him in. Averaging 68 for the year which stinks in anyones language. Avoid.



    Dom Perignons

    Brian Lake: (See Motts Movers Above)
    Shannon Hurn: (See Motts Movers Above)
    Andrew Mackie: (See Motts Movers Above)

    Goon Bags

    Ryan Hargrave: $363,000 $-3,900 ($-151,200)
    Last 3 Round Average: 71.33
    This guy is in 14000 teams so although the last 3 rounds havnt been terrible he still deserves a mention. Looks like 2009 was a one of a kind season for Ryan as he looks to be set for further price drop next week after scoring 59 and 60 in the last two games.
    Wonder how many coaches he is burning this year?

    Michael Johnson: $321,400 $-13,700 ($-133,800)
    Last 3 Round Average: 57.33
    I wont bother going into the drug charges he has found himself facing, but Michael has been poo on the field this year regardless. How can so many Freo players do so well, yet he do so badly? Scores in the 20’s and 50’s seem to be the norm for him this season and for those 3000 teams with him in the decision to cut him loose should be an easy one.

    Scott McMahon $368,500 $-20,000 ($-125,000)
    Last 3 Round Average: 63.33
    Poor old Scotty has given up the rebounding defender role to Brady Rawlings this year, and as such, is churning out pathetic scores in the 30’s and 60’s this season. This guy was supercoach gold last season! Sadly for those coaches faithful enough to get him this year; the gravy train has crashed into the sewage train, with disastrous results.


  9. hey guys i got zee problem! got Bob murphy and now injuredd. got no one on bench! who should i get? ps. first year of supercoach so i only got 10 trades left 🙂
    only 20k in bank!
    was looking at playfair or watts?


  10. i have 2 options for this wk i can either trade murphy out for say pav or another premium fwd and have 4k left over or upgrade martin from my midfield to a premium….what your guys opinion

    current mids – bartel, selwood, barlow, judd, cross, martin, howlett, bastinac

    current fwd – brown, hall, higgins, pods, rockliff, hitchcock, murphy. ROK


    1. your forward line needs more attention than your midfield plus there are some real bargains there this week. Didak for ~$500k is one of them.


  11. Need some help from experts of Supercoach….

    Looking to trade up in my mid from Trengove to either Swan or Bartel.

    Which is a better move?



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