Motts Movers R8 – The Mids

Written by Motts on May 17 2011


Gary Ablett ($528,600, 198, 118.17, 79) – Welcome to the Movers for 2011, L’il Gazza! Not getting the protection but still banging out MASSIVE scores like his 198 against the Cows. He had the ton up after Q1 – I haven’t seen a century quarter since Kouta’s final quarter in the ’99 Prelim against the Dons. Give him the week off this week and then do what you have to do to snaffle him in R10.

Daniel Wells ($453,900, 175, 105.14, 2) – The line-up of punters that have been burnt by Wellsy along the way stretches from the ‘G to Arden St. But if you’ve got the stomach to give him one more crack you’ll get a bloke who’s only gone up $26k since the beginning of the year and who looks to have turned the corner.

Joel Selwood ($526,800, 153, 107.83, 72) – His price should now take-off after an injury affected first game and then a 95 against Sydney now longer counting in his price calculations. I’d actually take him over GAJ this week. Gets a TON of free kicks.

Honourable mentions: David Mundy, Tom Rockliff, Nat Fyfe, Matty Boyd and Matt Priddis.


Ben McGlynn ($325,400, 52, 68.43, 135) – Even if he won’t admit to it at least bloody Alan Didak can say he’s injured, this guy has no excuse. I’m a little emotional because I’ve stuck by him after selecting him pre-R1 instead of Goodes or ROK as a POD and he’s yet to crack 3 figures dropping $109k in the process. I lost by 15 points 2 weeks ago. That was the week Benny Mac fumbled his way to a measly score of 30. And I just know that the week I trade him out he’s gonna go bananas. Grrrrr. Angry!

Shaun Burgoyne ($377,300, 58, 84.57, 125) – Forgive me but I’m using The Chillers section this evening to highlight the midfielders in my team that simply aren’t getting it done. Burgers, pull your finger out mate! Your last 3 round average is sixty-bloody-four. I’m copping losses because of you and McGlynn. I can carry one of you but I can’t carry both. Pick it up!

Daniel Hannebery ($322,900, 62, 70.86, 73) – At least I didn’t draft Dan Han. He’s dropped $82,800 this year because he drew enough attention to himself last year to start copping a tag and he’s not coping too well with it.


Joel Corey ($403,600, 122, 94.29, 48) – Check out his average, check out his price, check out last round’s score, know that he hasn’t averaged less than 100 since 2004 (when he averaged 99.3). This guy is a gun who is cheap as chips right now.

Adam Goodes ($427,500, 124, 99.29, 51) – One of the few blokes who can change a game at will (Judd, Chapman, Buddy and GAJ also fall into that list). His 47 against the Blues comes out of his price calculations this week. Time to grab him.

Daniel Rich ($409,300, 97, 95.14, 37) – Averaging 95 and getting better in his third year in the comp. Last 3 round average: 109.3.

Special mentions: Tom Liberatore, Brent Reilly, Josh Kennedy, Shane Savage, and Ryan O’Keefe.


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17 thoughts on “Motts Movers R8 – The Mids”

  1. What do you think of my 3 week plan:
    This week-
    Hurley (if not playing) -> Hibberd
    D Swallow -> Goodes

    Duigan -> Jacobs
    Harris -> Ablett

    Matera -> Mzungu
    Knights -> Chapman


  2. Will probably get the Little Master in Round 10 – but it must be said that he is still a significant risk – his 198 may have been a little “tease” to remind us of what he is capable of, but we need to balance this out by saying that in half of his games this year (3 out of 6) he has scored sub-100 (which should give pause for caution). We MAY even be able to wait a further week on him – although his Backend isn’t TOO high, his first game back is against Geelong and Chapman has already promised they will be bashing into him and giving him a lot of “attention” to put him off his game … it’s not often you get to play against a midfield as, um, well let’s be kind and say “devoid of tagging options” as Adelaide !


  3. Re that 100+ quarter, I think that Ice Men is correct, Petrie got over the ton for his six goal first term.

    Also, pretty confident that the game that Jack got over 200 last season involved a first term where he kicked about the first four goals of the game and had over 100.

    However, the highest quarter score that I can think of (although, admittedly not AFL), was Andrew Krakouer’s 146 in the final term of the WAFL Grand Final. He had 13 disposals, eight contested possessions, three clearances, one goal assist, and three of Swan Districts’ five goals for the term, including a final minute game winner.


  4. Quarter Time scores for SC are always inflated fyi.

    General rule of thumb is half their quarter time scores, for the real score.


  5. Bleeding obvious statement #1:

    Selwood: “Gets a TON of free kicks”

    Thanks for enlightening us with your wisdom Mottsy!!




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