Motts Movers – The Backs – W1 Finals, 2013

Written by Motts on August 12 2013

Righto the regular season is over and like the other guys on the site, Mottsy’s in wind down mode. That means I’ll be putting the Movers posts up between now and the end of the year but they’re really more of a chance for you guys to discuss performances from players in these positions that caught your eye.

So lets kick it off with the Defenders – who you been liking? And who would you recommend people bring in?


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14 thoughts on “Motts Movers – The Backs – W1 Finals, 2013”

  1. For a left field cheapie, how about Jack Watts? Played off the half back against Gold Coast, seems to be his preferred position. Scored 112. Has burnt us all before but could free up some cash to upgrade a mid or forward and replace either Ibbo or Clisby (suspended).


  2. Put sam shaw in your team, and thank me later….his next 3 scores are going to be 103,89, and 140. I burn in hell if turns out to be false.


  3. Sorry about not going through detailed descriptions tonight; I’m feeling slower on the uptake than usual. One rule you must abide by though: NEVER BRING DOCKERS INTO YOUR BACKLINE! It’ll only end in pain.


    Harry Taylor:
    $465, 200 Avg: 96.44 Own %: 8.99

    Finals Run: West Coast, Sydney, Brisbane

    Heritier O’Brien:
    $433, 700 Avg: 88.56 Own %: 3.28

    Finals Run: Hawthorn, West Coast, North Melbourne

    Pearce Hanley:
    $488, 000 Avg: 100 Own %: 21.22

    Finals Run: GWS, Western Bulldogs, Geelong

    Josh Gibson:
    $411, 500 Avg: 78.61 Own %: 2.72

    Finals Run: Collingwood, North Melbourne, Sydney

    Marley Williams:
    $380, 400 Avg: 73.83 Own %: 0.60

    Finals Run: Hawthorn, West Coast, North Melbourne

    Corey Enright:
    $486, 000 Avg: 94.33 Own %: 8.58

    Finals Run: West Coast, Sydney, Brisbane

    Brandon Ellis
    $414, 100 Avg: 79.41 Own %: 4.77

    Finals Run: Carlton, GWS, Essendon

    Bachar Houli
    $428, 700 Avg: 92.24 Own%: 4.64

    Finals Run: Carlton, GWS, Essendon.

    Tried to throw in a lot of POD choices there. As some of you may know, my knowledge of the game isn’t very good; so I’m picking these players based on statistics in Supercoach and gut feeling, As such, my choices often go astray.


  4. Who to get in the backline?
    T/U: Malceski
    T/D: Harry Taylor
    My backline is: Hanley, Shaw, Heppell, Houli โ€˜Traded in playerโ€™ (Clisby, Wilson)
    I donโ€™t want to get Goddard because my opponent has him so I am looking for a POD. I can get anyone so comment any other suggestions. Thanks.



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