Motts Movers – The Mids, W1 Finals, 2013

Written by Motts on August 15 2013

I don’t have to tell you how critical it is to have the right guys in the guts this week. Matches were won and lost on blokes having Joelwood instead of GAJ as captain last round.

So who would be your ideal midfield for Round 21?


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12 thoughts on “Motts Movers – The Mids, W1 Finals, 2013”

  1. Fantasy
    . GAJ , pendles, swan, danger, griffin , Barlow, selwood, cotchin,
    Crouch, non playing rookie.
    GAJ , pendles, swan, jpk, selwood, fyfe, danger, crouch
    Mitchell , b Kennedy.
    If I upgrade Mitchell to Griffen this week I’m nearly there.
    Jpk a bit of a worry though


  2. Ooh, i like the concept of this.

    If i could pick from scratch without limitations for the next three weeks my M1-M8 would read:
    Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Griffen, Selwood, Montagna, Barlow, Fyfe

    DPP players like Stevie J, Rockliff, Goddard are all on their ‘other’ line.

    The first five are obvious selections and the Freo boys get in on form but also their draw. Montagna i’m surprised by but the number don’t lie. In 13/18 games he’s scored 100 and in 8/18 games he’s got 120+.


  3. If you wanted a POD for the finals someone to consider might be Callan Ward? Got him in my draft team so I’ve been following his progress this year. Averaging a respectable 100 for the season but is in great form at the moment, has a 3 round average of 139 that has come against Pies, Melbourne and Freo. He is also in only 1% of teams.


  4. Pendles, GAJ, Joelwood, Swan, Cotch, Fyfe, K. Jack & Rockliff.

    First 4 would be automatic inclusions at this stage of the season/SC Finals. (There’s a few others as well, but these would be my choice)

    Cotch playing at home against a Carrotless Blues (that & the Tigers are playing well & the Blues aren’t).

    Fyfe as he faces the Demons (can choose any of Freos mids as well).

    K. Jack at home against the Sainters (even ROK would be a good pick).

    The Rock as he faces GWS at home and could go big, but if he is in the forward line in your SC team (he is in mine), then one of Griffs or Barlow as M8.

    In reality though my mids are GAJ, Pendles, Joelwood, Cotch, JPK, Priddis, Hannebery, Murphy (Titchell, Hrovat).


  5. Mottsy, 7-8 weeks ago you questioned the performance of Joelsylenko, and his performance, and I said it had been serviceable and was not unhappy with it. Since then he has gone BANG, and smashed most weeks, ESP R1 of finals. Are you now prepared to agree he was an awesome pick up?

    Oh, and he hasn’t missed a game.


  6. Going with GAJ, Pendles, Barlow, Swan, Selwood, Danger, Griffen and Cotchin. [Hvorat and Hunter my non-playing subs].

    Pretty happy with that 8 [7/8 of the top averages!] – but the two subs make me a bit nervous. I have a spare $250k in the bank and 3 trades left, with a must-win semi this week, so was wondering whether I should…

    Thumbs up: upgrade Hvorat –> Watson at super cheap price
    Thumbs down: don’t upgrade, you’re just going to struggle with the E!


  7. Pendles, Gaz, Selwood, Barlow, Lids, O’Meara, Priddis, Mitchell, Hodge, Griggs.
    I traded Mitchell out for Watson this week. With O’Meara and Griggs sharing the bench.
    Wise choice?
    Had enough for any midfielder.
    Not playing this, straight into the prelims.


  8. My midfield- GAJ, Pendlebury, Swan, Griffen, J.Selwood, Barlow, Fyfe, Watson
    Bench- Crouch and K.Martin
    Looking at getting Fyfe out for either Beams, Cotchin or Danger
    T/U- Danger or Cotchin
    T/D- Beams



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