Motts Movers – The Rucks, W1 Finals, 2013

Written by Motts on August 13 2013

I’m running with Massive Cox and Big Willy in my ruck department at the moment. Effective? Yes. Puerile? Absolutely!

Who’ve you got and do you wish you had someone different?


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9 thoughts on “Motts Movers – The Rucks, W1 Finals, 2013”

  1. Goldy and Mince have come in over the past 6 weeks or so for me.

    Cox up Fwd with Rowe as emergency, happy with them, just wish my backs would pick up the act!


  2. What do people think of Rockcliff for Captain this week, think he will go big against GWS or get shut down. GWS have shut down some big name players this year so am a bit cautious.

    TU. Should go big
    TD. Look elsewhere for Captain choice


  3. Premiums:

    Will Minson:
    $ 519, 400 Avg: 111.05 Own %: 11.36

    Finals Run: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne


    Matthew Lobbe
    $ 442, 300 Avg: 82.88 Own %: 0.73

    Finals Run: Gold Coast, Fremantle, Carlton

    Daniel Gorringe
    $ 246, 100 Avg: 57 Own %: 4.56

    Sam Jacobs:
    $ 410, 100 Avg: 85.11 Own %: 8.34

    Finals Run: Western Bulldogs, Melbourne, West Coast


    I dare not recommend any.


  4. I’ve got Maric as R1 and Vardy as R2 rotating w/ Nicholls on Bench.

    Not happy with my Rucks this year, Leuy got injured, Nic Nat never got going, and with other problems and cash flow never got to where I really wanted them to be. I have one trade left but minimal cash so no worthy upgrade possible….though I do have Cox up forward so I’m just looking at Fwd line options…


  5. I’ve got Goldy and McEvoy with Cox as a perm Fwd. With $, trades and a week off I reckon I will trade McEvoy next week who appears to be slowing down from rucking solo all year for Minson.

    4trades left and a bye this round in my important leagues:
    T/U – Judd to Griffen
    T/D – hold Judd til next week (T Mitchell will cover)

    If I don’t trade Judd and this week I cop 2 injuries/suspensions I could be left with 3 outs leading into Prelim.


  6. Goldstein and Maric
    Brought Maric in a few weeks ago and so far he’s been up and down. Hope he can have a big finish to the season.



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