Movers & Shakers – Rd11

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 2 2017

In the tradition of Motts’ Movers, ‘Movers & Shakers’ looks at those players making a big impact (or no impact) over a short amount of time.  We now have plenty of data to separate the weak from the strong.  This weeks Movers & Shakers are (Player, Club, Current Price, Average, 3-Round Average):



Taylor Adams (COL, $561k, 110.7, 110.7) – ‘Only’ has a high score of 122 but has just gone under a hundred on one occasion till now in 2017.  That sort of consistency makes him one of three defenders (with Doc & Laird) you simply must have in your line-up.  Has had his injury worries in the past but is a Top3 DEF if he stays on the park.


Heath Shaw (GWS, $446k, 86, 75) – Heater hasn’t necessarily been playing poorly, he’s just not getting the ball delivered to him as previous years.  The young Giants players used to hand it to him at every opportunity.  These days they’re taking more initiative and choosing to ignore Shaw more regularly.  Just the two tons from ten games has Shaw slipping further from a spot in the Top6 DEFs.



Patrick Dangerfield (GEE, $618k, 122.7, 142) – The perma-Captain looks to be over any rib injuries that were effecting him around Rds 6-8.  151 & 163 over the last two weeks.  If you’re backing against him with Captaincy then you’re playing with fire……..


Marcus Bontempelli (WBD, $553k, 113, 89) – From the first seven Rounds, The Bont went over 115+ on six occasions.  The Bromance with Champion Data has eased off lately with The Bont returning an 89avg over the last three weeks.  Is it a sign of things to come?  Or is he just giving all those ‘Bont-less’ owners a chance to buy him up cheap?



Matthew Kreuzer (CAR, $525k, 103, 123.6) – Is it just me or does Kreuzer do this every year?  Is in some red-hot form over the last month averaging 124 but he never sustains these purple patches.  Interested to see how long it holds this time around……….


Toby Nankervis (RIC, $469k, 99.8, 89) – The Tank has been very valuable for most patrons of Supercoach this season.  His form over the last month is a little down on what we’ve come to expect however.  A 68  followed by suspension then 92, 100 & 75.  Hoping he starts getting those Hitouts To Advantage happening really soon………



Jack Billings (STK, $499k, 86, 102.6) – After an indifferent first five weeks, Billings has found his feet with 93, 114, 136, 104 & 68.  He’s found himself at a very awkward price however…….good value if you think he can continue or far too expensive if it’s just a flash-in-the-pan.


Luke Dahlhaus (WBD, $479k, 99.5, 77.6) – After five tons in the first seven Rounds, Dahlhaus has slowed right up in recent weeks with just 65, 99 & 78.  Really hoping that he doesn’t trail off with these scores but the addition of Mitch Wallis seems to have an impact on his output.


Have you jumped on any of the players above?  Too many Shakers in your team?  Not enough Movers?  Do you agree/disagree with the list?  Tell us your thoughts………


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10 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Rd11”

  1. “The Bromance with Champion Data has eased off lately with The Bont returning an 89avg over the last three weeks.”… guess when I brought him in.


    1. Don’t feel too bad Tebs – I brought him in that week too. For Newman. Guess how many Newman scored that week?


  2. 2 Movers (Adams and Danger) + 3 Shakers (Bont, Nank, Dahl)

    Trading in both Adams/Bont seems to have cancelled each other out, and Nank/Dahl/Danger are common enough to thankfully not be causing to much grief.


  3. I’m not worried about Dahl and Bont. They’ll come good.
    A couple of weeks ago I made a comment on this site about being worried about Pendles. He’d put up 4 sub-100 scores in hist first 8 games, something he hadn’t done in 6 or so years (I think the stat was the last time he had 4 or more sub-100 scores for the WHOLE SEASON was back in 2010) and Collingwood’s form wasn’t great. What happens the next two rounds? Dependlebury is back and scores 140 and 130, along with Collingwood showing better form.

    The Dogs’ form over the last 3 weeks has been middling and their SC scores are showing it.
    – Round 8 loss against the Eagles they got beat by a hot and cold Eagles team that just happened to run hot that night.
    – Round 9 they came up against a Geelong side who were humiliated the week before by Essendon and were made the media’s b!tch all week for their historically low tackle count. Of course the Cats came out the next game against the Dogs and went absolutely berserk. Harry Taylor kicked 5 goals, that says it all.
    – Round 10 was a tough one against the Saints and nobody could get the upper hand. The load was spread across the entire Dogs team which showed in the SC scores, with only one score over 100 and I think 8 or 9 players scoring in the 80s or 90s. That’s the risk you run in a team that plays mids everywhere and is at times almost positionless.

    After their bye the next 3 Dogs games are Dees, North, Eagles and all at Etihad. Stringer is back and they have some talls back healthy so I’m betting on Dahl and Bont to right the ship and go big especially against the Eagles. Revenge game for sure.



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