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Written by Schwarzwalder on June 16 2017

A few of my colleagues at SCT have, at various stages, chosen to represent their choices/players with music tracks.  I figured it was my turn to use that idea.  I’ve gone with the ‘move’ or ‘shake’ themes for each player 😉

In the tradition of Motts’ Movers, ‘Movers & Shakers’ looks at those players making a big impact (or no impact) over a short amount of time.  We now have ample data after twelve weeks to weed out the Movers from the Shakers.  This weeks Movers & Shakers are (Player, Club, Current Price, Average, 3-Round Average):



Sam Docherty (CAR, $605k, 116, 123) ‘Moves Like Jagger’, by Maroon 5.  We currently have sixteen players averaging over 110+ in 2017.  Fifteen of those players are classified as midfielders.  Then there’s Docherty……….running at the 4th highest average at the minute as a defender.  Only gone under 100 twice this season for 91 & 93.  His last six games have produced a 125.5 average!  He’s definitely got them moves like Jagger!


Jarrod Harbrow (GCS, $467k, 93, 88) ‘Hey Ya’, by Outkast.  This one really grinds my gears right now.  I used my executive powers to recruit Harbrow into the TEAM after Rd10, hoping for some good cover over the Bye Rounds.  Not only did he spud things up in his first two games for us, there’s now the whole drink-driving incident.  And now we’re looking at a donut for Rd13.  There’s a word for this…….Numbnuts! (both Harbrow and myself).  He better tear it up when he gets back into the Suns line-up.  ‘Shake it……shake it like a polaroid picture………..



Tom Mitchell (HAW $604k, 116, 108)‘Jump’, by Van Halen.  ‘You might as well jump (JUMP!)’  Mitchell has certainly jumped into the bracket of elite midfielders in 2017.  Not necessarily the best ‘Mover’ in the midfield over the past three Rounds, but his consistency is 2nd to none.  Has only gone under 100pts on one occasion (85 against Geelong) and then there was THAT game against the Pies.  Tom Mitchell became just the 7th player in history to register a 50 possession game…….fair effort, that!  ‘Go ahead and jump…………..


David Mundy (FRE, $447k, 96, 74)‘Shake Your Booty’, by KC & The Sunshine Band.  Dropped a 38 in that demoralising loss to Adelaide three weeks ago.  The bane of all Richmond supporters, Mundy is still capable of the odd monster score.  Could still turn it around but for now, the shakes have set in……..’aaaaaahhhh Shake, shake, shake…….shake, shake, shake……….shake your booty, shake your booty……..



Matthew Kreuzer (CAR, $566k, 106, 133)‘I Feel The Earth Move’, by Carole King.  His last month of footy has produced 127, 104, 121, 146 & 132……not too shabby!  He is currently the #1 Ruckman going around.  If you had the minerals to start with him, then I congratulate you!  He’d always shown glimpses here and there, but injuries have generally stood in his way of a proper breakout.  How long can he keep this up?  Either way……..’I feel the Earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down…….


Nathan Vardy (WCE, $329k, 60, 80) ‘Boom! Shake The Room’, By DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.  For the kids out there, Will Smith started his career as a rapper named ‘The Fresh Prince’.  For the first time in his career, Vardy has played twelve consecutive games.  Yet at any time there’s the chance that his body might just go BOOM! (Shake, shake , shake the room).  Highest score of 88 till now.  If you took the chance on him early, you probably would’ve hoped for a lot more.

UPDATE after Thursday night’s game: Vardy pulled out a career-best game against his old club, scoring a massive 125 pts. In the space of 24hrs, he’s gone from Shaker to Mover. New song is needed……….“Movin’ on up” by M People.  “Movin’ on up…..nothing can stop me……..”



Toby Greene (GWS, $496k, 98, 103)‘Bust A Move’, by Young MC.  This young MC has copped a lot of flak for his disposal  in the dying minutes against Carlton.  Generally speaking though, his form has been fairly consistent this year.  A 103, 95 & 112 over the last three weeks is testament to that.  Will still be a popular choice for F5/F6 until seasons end.  ‘You know what to do, G. Bust a move!


Jeremy Cameron (GWS, $460k, 93, 74) ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’, by Big Joe Turner /Bill Haley.  Another that hasn’t necessarily been terrible and his scores will fluctuate as a key forward.  That 50 pts performance against Carlton is set to see Cameron shake his way down the price list over the coming weeks.   ‘Shake, rattle and roll………Well you won’t do right to save your doggone soul’.


Anyone jump on Kreuzer before he got really pricey?  Are you taking a hit on Cameron for the time being?  Let us know all about it, Coaches………….


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3 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Rd13”

  1. In round 10, I brought Harbrow AND JJK into my technical team. My bye strategy was flawless. I was so proud of myself.

    Season over. Congratulations to both of those guys, you’ve made my Never Again list!


  2. Great write up Schwartz, Docherty sure does have the moves like Jagger, which is far superior to the moves (or lack there of) of Jaeger.

    Kinda want to bring Tobias into my team after their bye but you just know he’ll be suspended for the SC Finals.


  3. I’m bringing in Doc this week for a hefty $604k, so there’s a fair chance he’ll be decapitated in the first quarter.



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