Movers & Shakers – Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 20 2017

In the tradition of Motts’ Movers, ‘Movers & Shakers’ looks at those players making a big impact (or no impact) over a short amount of time.  We now have ample data after seventeen weeks to weed out the Contenders from the Pretenders.  This weeks Movers & Shakers are (Player, Club, Current Price, Average, 3-Round Average):



Michael Hurley (ESS, $544k, 103, 116) – After missing the ton in each of the first four games, Hurls has averaged 109 (!) over the last 13 weeks.  Only Doc has averaged more as a defender in that time frame.   Perhaps I should’ve listened to my own advice over the pre-season (Hurls’ Player Profile) but didn’t have the minerals to follow through.  Aside from all the bullocking work, Hurley is now seeing more of the ball than past seasons.  Last four games have produced 30, 31, 30 & 27 disposals!  Movin’ in all the right directions…….


Zac Williams (GWS, $447k, 92, 64) – One of the barometers for the Giants in Season 2017, Williams started quite consistently.  Over the first eleven Rounds, young Zac only went under 90 pts on two occasions.  As the Giants have been nearly winless over the last month, Williams has also been struggling to find his best.  His last three games have ended with  63, 49 & 82 while also having missed two games with a hamstring strain.  Not the sort of shakes you want to carry into SC-Finals……..



Gary Ablett (GCS, $611k, 116, 123) –  I’ve got some good news & bad news for you……….The good news is that Ablett’s last five games have resulted in scores of 139, 146, 97, 114 & 159.  The bad news is that he’s missed three of the last eight games through injury niggles.  While he could prove invaluable over the last six weeks, The Holy One could also be the bane of your existence if those niggles flare up again.


Rory Sloane (ADE, $461k, 106, 77) – Sloane has been the subject of many polls and discussions over the past few weeks at SCT.  I just can’t remember a player that has gone from Top SC-Scorer to midfield-mediocrity in the space of such a short time.  While he’s still essential to the Crows line-up, Sloane has become SC-poison for every line-up that he’s occupying.  89, 66, 80, 90, 91 & 50 from his last six outings.  In that same time, Tom Mitchell has scored 105, 113, 101, 128, 130 & 136…..a difference of 247pts in the same time frame……..*sniffle* I’m not crying, I have something in my eye 😉



Matthew Kreuzer (CAR, $585k, 110, 104) – Undisputed #1 Ruckman in 2017 that has only missed the ton in one of his last ten games (and that was a 90!).  If you have the trades & cash available, get him in for the end spurt!


Stefan Martin (BRL, $466k, 99, 79) – Having Archie Smith in the side caused his numbers to become quite erratic over the past six weeks.  His latest effort of 86 was again as sole Ruckman however and the big fella needs to turn things around in a hurry!



Patrick Ryder (PTA, $540k, 98, 120) – Not many Forwards performing better over the last five weeks (119, 86, 127, 129 & 105) than Paddy Ryder at the moment.  With the added bonus of dual position status, Ryder is sure to move into many line-ups over the last six weeks……..


Luke Dahlhaus (WBD, $435k, 94, 74) – While he’s scored three tons in the last ten games, Dahlhaus hasn’t gone over 105pts since Rd5.  Extremely worrying for a player that is still considered a Top6 FWD (according to our latest polls last week).  87,60 & 76 from his last three weeks.  The only comforting aspect is that practically everyone is in the same boat with Dahlhaus.


Who was lucky enough to jump early on a Mover?  Have you got too many Shakers in your side?  Tell the SCT Coaches all about it…………


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5 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Rd18”

  1. When Sandi went down I felt compelled to pickup Gawn as a fallen premium. The problem is he keeps falling. I wish I had grabbed Kruezer instead. #hindsight


    1. Your pain is shared Jester. I went Gawn and Dusty over Kreuzer and Titch, early days but not looking too flash


  2. Just to further the Michael Hurley case, he plays my mob this week. Seems everyone scores well against North!


  3. Got the Ryder trade-in correct but am suffering the pain of Rory Sloane being in my team. Going to trade Rory out this week, even if he’s playing. Hoping for a great night at the Oval tomorrow night.
    Michael Hibberd has been a very solid pick-up.



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