Movers & Shakers – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 21 2016

In the tradition of Motts’ Movers, ‘Movers & Shakers’ looks at those players making a big impact (or no impact) over a short amount of time.  Things are slowly starting to take shape and we’re getting a better idea of the premos and pretenders.   This weeks Movers & Shakers are (Player, Club, Current Price, 3-Round Average):


Rory Laird (ADE, $516 300, 104.3) – Has some decent consistency about him for a premium defender, having not gone under 90 in his four games to date.  Most Coaches thought Adelaide had a tough opening fixture but it turns out that Port & Richmond are the complete opposite of tough (127 & 91 there).  A 95 against Sydney on Saturday night has him looking like a permanent fixture in the Top10 Defenders for this season.

Jesse Lonergan (GCS, $356 200, 67.3) – Many were deceived by the flashy NAB Challenge form and even the first Round effort of 96 against the Bombers.  But it’s all gone haywire since then .  67, 75 & 60 against Freo, Carlton & Brisbane…….not exactly Top4 contenders.  The Suns have a much tougher draw over the next seven weeks, starting with North on Saturday.  A BreakEven of 72 seems a little steep for Lonergan at the minute.  It’s probably best to admit the mid-price experiment didn’t work (again) and cut your losses.  Either downgrade to one of many backline rookie options or upgrade straight to a proper ‘keeper’.



Luke Shuey (WCE, $546 200, 122) – Followed a respectable 96 against the Hawks with a 119 in the WA Derby.  From just 22 disposals (95% Efficiency) against the Tigers, he managed a huge 151 pts.  Nine tackles, two goals and four free kicks helped his cause there.  Huge POD being in only 0.9% of teams, he might be a better option for Draft teams.  But there’s no denying the Eagles Top4 chances and their draw opens up before the bye (meaning they don’t play the Hawks again).  A very sneaky option for M8.

Nick Graham (CAR, $369 000, 60) – His 5000-odd owners were hoping for a big start to the year after a promising NAB Challenge series.  It all began well enough with an 85 & 86 in Rds 1 & 2.  But 61 against the Suns and a woeful 33 (88% Time On Ground) against the Dogs have seen his stocks tumble.  His BE of 122 seems harder than Chinese arithmetic right now.  As with Lonergan, it may be time to cut and run.  If these mid-pricers aren’t rising (fast) in price then they’re becoming a liability for your team.



Max Gawn (MEL, $576 800, 120.7) – What started as a whisper during the pre-season has risen to a scream over the last few weeks.  Gawn is now in a quarter of all teams.  No longer a POD, he is the 2nd Most Popular Ruckman behind Goldstein.  66 hitouts against Goldy on his way to a monster 172 was followed by a 105 against the Pies (despite four clangers and four free-kicks against).  Finally free of injury, Gawn is on track for a Top2/3 Ruck position by seasons end.

Rhys Stanley (GEE, $334 300, 53.3) – Was combining well with Zac Smith in the Ruck during the pre-season.  And just like Zac Smith, his Supercoach numbers have taken a dive over the first four weeks of the regular season.  Hasn’t scored over 70 till now.  Then there’s the 26 against Brisbane that will drag down his value further than the $58.3K it’s already dropped.  Those figures are harder to digest than a dodgy Beef Vindaloo.  Needs to turn it around in a hurry.



Eddie Betts (ADE, $526 900, 124.7)‘If you want a decent goal-kicker, just grab one from Carlton’ (Titus O’Reily).  We all know of Eddie’s talents, the highlights reel is extremely impressive.  He’s on fire over the last three weeks with 142, 105 & 126.  It seems very tempting to jump on the Eddie Bandwagon.  Although keep in mind he had a similar start to 2015 before failing to hit 90 over ten straight games.  Now owned by 7% of Supercoaches.

Charlie Dixon (PTA, $344 400, 54.7) –One of the biggest off-season trades, Dixon hasn’t quite found his feet at Port till now.  Doesn’t help that Port’s form resembles a yo-yo in the hands of an uncoordinated 8yo.  Managed 100 against the Dons, but that is flanked by 66, 35 & 29.  If you’re one of the 4432 owners, make a plan to trade him out…….then throw that plan out and trade him straight away 😉


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7 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Rd4”

  1. Great article Schwarzwalder – it’s always good to see the ones that you got right from this list (and the other selections that weren’t so good)!!

    Laird and Gawn have been pretty consistent for my team so far.

    The ruck / forward swing still has me intrigued – as I am sure that Goldy and Gawn will miss games at some point. We can trade them out, but obviously the hard part is when they are only going to miss 1 – 2 weeks.

    Therefore, I am still leaning towards trading in one of the decent back up ruck / fwd options into my team at some point – but the “semi premium” options like Tippett and Sinclair appear to be struggling a little.

    Maybe a cheap ruck / fwd might be the better option at some point (eg Stanley)?


    1. I’m thinking that given the poor form of Cloke, White and Gault, Cox could hopefully become that man.

      If not Lobb and Lycett look the best options, with Lycett’s suspension unfortunately right when there’s a risk Martin owners need him…


    2. Thanks Brett!
      Yeah, there seems to be enough ‘Swingmen’ for that R3/F6-7 spot, I’m just not really happy with any of them. I still think Tippett is the best choice but he’s not in great form. Plus I really don’t wanna spend $460k for him when he’ll probably be down around $410k in a couple weeks. Stanley is also set to dive further in price over the next few weeks.


    1. I gave Waite a mention in the first two M&S write-ups this year. I’ve said it a few times, NTH has a favorable draw till about Rd8 then it gets a little tougher. If you started with Waite or got him before the price jump then I applaud you for the ballsy move. But there’s no way I’d pay over $550k for him. He’ll string together a bunch of sub-80s soon enough and come back down to earth……..



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