Movers & Shakers – Rd5

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 20 2018

In the tradition of Motts’ Movers, Movers & Shakers looks at the current trend of form of certain players.  Those of which are having a purple patch over the last 3-5 Rounds or inadvertently, those whose form has completely deserted them for whatever reason.  After four Rounds of data, the following players have been classified as movin’ on up or shakin’ on down………(Club, Price, Avg, Last 3 Rounds Avg)



Rory Laird (ADE, $576 100, 123, 118) – The most astounding aspect with Laird is that 47.6% of Coaches still don’t have him in their teams.   Currently the #1 DEF in SuperCoach and hard to see anyone taking that mantle off him during the year.  Get him in………….

Callum Mills (SYD, $398 100, 80, 76) – Not a bad young player, even took out the Rising Star Award a couple years back.  Really hasn’t been SC-relevant since then though.  Is one of a handful of Swans that play a kick behind.  Just doesn’t get enough of the pill to be considered for SuperCoach duties.



Jarryd Lyons (GCS, $552 300, 110, 125) – Will probably make an appearance on Rare Gems in the next few weeks.  Has answered the question: who is getting the ball for the Suns once Ablett is gone? Just tearing it up over the last three weeks with a 125 avg.  Huge POD (just 1.4% of teams) if he can continue on……..

Rory Sloane (ADE, $553 700, 92, 93) – Hasn’t been moving too well over the last two weeks and has been given a spell this week ahead of the big game against the Swans.  Disappointing numbers for such a talented player…….surely just a matter of time before he finds form again?



 Brodie Grundy (COL, 132, 145)   – Has absolutely monstered Kreuzer & Jacobs over the last two weeks.  Hard to see who will stop him in this form (145 avg over the last three weeks).  Well done to the 7% of Coaches that ignored all the warnings from SCT about Grundy’s numbers while playing with Mason Cox.

Todd Goldstein (NTH, $490 600, 90, 80) –  Was the #1 SC-player just a few years back but is a shadow of his former self at the minute.  Looked to be travelling ok after the first two Rounds but has been ordinary over the last fortnight



Jesse Hogan – (MEL, $485 700, 111, 121) – The big surprise packet of the forward line till now.  We all knew he had it in him, we just weren’t sure when he’d produce these numbers.  Looks like the time is upon us……..

Luke Dahlhaus (WBD, $463 800, 84, 83) – Managed a ton against the Dons in the Doggies only win for the season till now.  Has otherwise been playing below the benchmark we’d been expecting of him over the last few years.  Just doesn’t look like finishing amongst the Top10 FWDs this season……….


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2 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Rd5”

  1. Regus.

    If you already own Heeney, Buddy, Mclean, Mundy, Grey.

    Then I would consider Hogan over Toby Greene for F6

    Toby will probably score more but he may also lose his sh*t!



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