Movers & Shakers – Rd9

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 18 2017

In the tradition of Motts’ Movers, ‘Movers & Shakers’ looks at those players making a big impact (or no impact) over a short amount of time.  After eight weeks we have plenty of data to separate the contenders from the pretenders.  This weeks Movers & Shakers are:



Sam Docherty (CAR) – The #1 Defender from 2016 is turning it on again in 2017.  Doc has only dropped under 100 on two occasions this year, for a 91 & 93……incredible consistency!  He has been smashing it lately with a 128avg over the last three weeks.  Extremely pricey at $599k yet his consistent output makes Doc an absolute must-have (before seasons end) down back.


Leigh Montagna (STK) – Missed the first Round with calf issues from the pre-season so wasn’t in many teams to begin with.  Impressed in his second outing with a 164 but has only been ‘adequate’ apart from that.  Without that monster game from Rd3, Joey’s average is 81.67, far from a Top6 DEF.  Very strange for Joey since he’s still been racking up the touches.  Can’t be written off totally but at $478k, I’d prefer to wait for now…….



Sebastian Ross (STK) – Ross has flown right under the radar, to say the least.  After an initial shocker against Melbourne in Rd1 (just 36pts), Ross has pumped out impressive numbers over the last seven weeks.  109, 99, 100, 123, 105, 111 & 129!  Is it an indication of things to come or just a red-hot patch of form?  With much of the SC-attention on Jack Steven in StKilda’s midfield, Ross has been given licence to run.  Still great value at $551k if you want to take the punt………..


Travis Boak (PTA) – Remember when Boak was a viable POD for the midfield?  Those days are long gone as Boak finds himself at a price of $435k after seven games this season.  Despite four scores over 90, Boak is yet to crack the ton.  Still an important cog in the Port midfield, his SC-relevance is vanishing fast.



Sam Jacobs (ADE) – Big Sauce has turned back the clock in recent weeks to become a viable Ruck option once again.  He was up against (essentially) a ruck-less Melbourne side last Saturday where he managed 74 hitouts.  Still…….can’t argue with his three-Round average of 125.  His price is heading north in a hurry (currently $525k).  If you want to jump on, now might be the time……


Matthew Leuenberger (ESS) – As a dual position player, Leuenberger was still considered an option in recent years (guilty as charged here).  As a pure Ruckman, no longer!  A three week average of 69pts sees Leuenberger shaking his way off our Player Lists for years to come……….



Elliot Yeo (WCE) – For the Star Wars fans out there………..If I were to become a Sith Lord, then Elliot Yeo would be the anger flowing through me.  Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering! 😉  After fear of being burnt for the third year in a row, I placed Yeo on my ‘Never Again’ list……and now, I am suffering.  He is the top FWD at the minute and running at a 128 avg over the last three weeks.  I won’t be jumping on at $558k.  If you got on early, signs are extremely positive!


Tom J Lynch (GCS) – This one may be a little harsh on Lynch but that 29 against Port in Shanghai was pathetic.  Previously he’d been very consistent for a key position player.  Even running at a 110avg over the five games before China.  Hoping it was just a one-off performance and he’ll start clunking those contested marks upon his return to the sunny shores of the Gold Coast………..


Have you jumped on any of the players above?  Too many Shakers in your team?  Not enough Movers?  Do you agree/disagree with the list?  Tell us your thoughts………


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5 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Rd9”

  1. Should be able to get Lynch for about 450K in round 12. I think he’ll be reasonably popular that week.


    1. How many KPFs is too many? I currently have Buddy but like the look of both JJK and Lynch.

      Is a forward line of Buddy, JJK and Lynch to much?

      One week you could easily cop 400+ from the 3, other weeks a total of 150


  2. I need some advice. I too have resisted Yeo but am strongly considering bringing him in this week. His scoring is off the charts and his bye is very friendly. My fwd guns are Dahl, McRae and Nank. Since I prefer to avoid key position players my options look quite limited. I know Yeo is expensive but is he the best fwd option available? Thoughts?


  3. Picked up Ross as a FA in our SCT draft league so stoked with his output too date…was even my captain last week 🙂


  4. I need to upgrade my back line (from Otten/Housten/Marchbank). Ill jump on Docherty after byes but considering Rance or Lloyd at their current prices.

    TU Rance

    TD Lloyd

    (or neither will be in top 6 DEF, Hurley instead?)



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