Movers & Shakers – Round 17

Written by The Salamander on July 11 2019

Player Name (Other position) (Club, Price, Average, 3-round-average, 5-round-average)


Zac Williams (GWS, $565,500, 102.6, 127.0, 112.4)
Hands up who didn’t believe GWS’ injury reports, and traded him to Whitfield? And hands up who did that the week Whitfield got injured? And hand up who then traded in someone who has performed significantly worse than Williams (*cough* Milera)? I knew it… it wasn’t just me!

Although it remains to be seen whether or not he can keep this level of scoring up with Whitfield back in the side, his last 4 scores of 106, 143, 126, and 112 certainly add insult to injury, no pun intended. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the SuperCoach gods were doing it deliberately… 😉

Bachar Houli (RIC, $464,600, 99.5, 71.1, 89.4)
After a blistering (if delayed) start to the year, Houli has since come crashing back to Earth, with two scores in the 60s and one in the 80s in his last 3 games. Hopefully for his owners, he things around in the last 7 weeks.


Jack Macrae (WBD, $645,900, 120.1, 135.3, 128.0)
is he ever really out of form? Probably not, but he’s been even more in-form than usual lately, pumping out scores of 150, 148,142, and 116 over the last 4 weeks.

Zach Merrett (ESS, $522,300, 106.4, 83.7, 94.8)
Merrett, on the other hand, is definitely out of form, at least relatively speaking. In his last 5 games, he’s had a 104 and a 138, as well as an 85, an 88, and a 59. As a result, he’s now fairly cheap, if you don’t have him already.


Brayden Preuss (MEL, $316,400, 104.3, 104.3, 104.3)
With only 3 games played for the season, he completely messes up the (average, 3-round average, 5-round average) template, but oh well. His 140 on the weekend reminded all of us of just what he is capable of. Now, why he decided to go to Melbourne to play backup to Gawn, we’ll never know…

Rory Lobb (FWD) (FRE, $481,900, 88.8, 94.3, 96.3)
A slightly pre-emptive entry, as his averages aren’t showing the true story. That’s because it hasn’t happened yet. With Sandilands back, Lobb is back in the forward line. That means that they key-forward scores are back, too. At one stage this season, he was the most desirable RUC/FWD swing option available; today, he’s one to avoid like the plague, unless Sandilands gets injured again.


Rowan Marshall (STK, $600,100, 109.8 135.3, 133.4)
Wow. Just wow. I’m really not sure what else there is to say. In his last 5 games, he hasn’t scored under 119. And, he has some fairly easy match-ups coming up, with Rhys Stanley and Tim English as his direct opponents in the next two weeks. After that, things get slightly tougher, with Gawn in round 19, followed by, potentially (assuming he doesn’t get injured between now and then), Sandilands in round 21. But apart from that, his draw is pretty soft. In short: if you don’t have him, you should.

Tom Hawkins (GEE, $383,300, 88.1, 49.0, 67.2)
Oh, how the mighty have fallen! 24, 71, and 52 in his last 3 game is probably not what those who brought him in were hoping for. Such is the nature of key-position players, especially forwards. But fear not: if you have him, he is sure to bounce back, and if you don’t, he’s just $383,300 this week.

Has your team been moving or shaking since the byes? Let us know in the comments below!


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3 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Round 17”

  1. The paradox of the fallen KPP premium …

    Tomahawk and Jezza owners want rid, those that don’t have them should be rubbing their hands in anticipation at the prospect of cheap potential Finals-winning targets.

    Moral of the KP FWD? Never consider for the SC home & away season, but always consider the swaggering in-form goal-kickers come SC Finals time! Especially if you can loop them. THAT … is SC gold!

    Great write-up Sal!


  2. birch out for 2 yrs
    sicily moved into def @ that time
    does a fit birch push sicily back into the fwd line
    hawks need to find better support for moore to develop



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