Movers & Shakers – Round 5

Written by The Salamander on April 18 2019

Player Name (Club, Price, Average, Three Round Average)


Tom Stewart (GEE, $516,400, 111.8, 117.3)
I bet you were expecting Whitfield to be here! And maybe he deserves to be… but unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know how well Whitfield is doing. But do you know how well Stewart is going? He’s currently the third-best defender in SuperCoach, behind Whitfield and Lloyd. Averaging 578 metres gained per game, he has become one of the Cats’ prime movers out of the back half this season. It will be interesting to see whether Tuohy’s return has any effect on this.

Adam Saad (ESS, $404,500, 80.8, 69.7)
After starting the season with two 100+ scores, the Bombers’ speedster has come crashing back to earth in the past fortnight, recording scores of just 52 and 53 in the last two weeks.


Zach Merrett (ESS, $565,400, 112.5, 127.7)
After an awful start to the year in round 1, one member here loudly and proudly declared that the days of Merrett’s SuperCoach relevance were over. To spare them from embarrassment, that person shall remain nameless, because Merrett has been putting together an excellent season ever since, with scores of 108, 120, and 155 in the last three weeks.

Dom Sheed (WCE, $455,500, 105.0, 92.0)
This one might be a little harsh, given that he’s had three good scores followed by one bad one, but it looks as though Gaff has taken over the role that was giving him those big scores, so, sadly for his owners, his 65 on the weekend may be a sign of what’s to come.


Reilly O’Brien (ADE, $136,800, 84.5, 84.5)
I know, I know. I should really be talking about Grundy at this point. But, like with Whitfield, you already know he’s doing well – O’Brien is much more interesting. Besides, if going from languishing in the SANFL, unable to get a game for two years, to playing as his team’s no. 1 ruck isn’t ‘moving on up’, then I don’t know what is. And with Sam Jacobs set to miss another six weeks after having knee surgery, O’Brien presents as two things that have been very hard to come by this year: a playing R3, and a good cash cow.

Toby Nankervis (RIC, $498,900, 94.5, 83.7)
Apart from a 125 in round 1, Nankervis hasn’t really got going this year (not unlike his team, really), with scores of 78, 88, and 85 in the last three rounds. His date with Max Gawn in round 6 isn’t likely to be pretty, but apart from that, he faces Callum Sinclair, Tim English, and Rory Lobb in the next month, so his owners shouldn’t panic just yet.


Isaac Heeney (MID) (SYD, $532,900, 104.8, 111.3)
After opening the season with scores of 85 and 67, coaches were getting worried. But with back-to-back 130s, Heeney looks to have put his early-season scoring woes behind him. I really hope you didn’t trade him out.

Justin Westhoff (RUC) (PTA, $436,500, 71.0, 45.0)
His form has come and gone in patches before, but three weeks with scores of 47, 39, and 49 is pretty bad. I hope you didn’t trade him in after his 5 goal performance in round 1. And heaven help you if you traded him in for Heeney! Surely, he can only get better from here, right?

Have your team’s players been moving or shaking? Let us know in the comments below.


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20 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Round 5”

  1. Hoping Heeney pulls up good for this week after that knock to the hip last game. He is in great form as i wouldn’t want him to come crashing back to Earth and reproduce those scores from the 1st 2 rounds


  2. What do we do with treloar gents? He can find the ball but my god his DE is terrible.
    Hold or trade his Definitely underperforming but will he come good?


  3. What to do with Dom Sheed? So convinced he was going to the next level and definitely I believe he has the talent to do so , but it seems to me he’s not getting the midfield time I was hoping for . It’s looks like to me he’s still behind Gaff, Shuey and Yeo. The other worry is that I was told that Redden and Sheed last week may have swapped roles (didn’t see the game)and also if Hutchings has to tag maybe less midfield time again. Tu- hold for now or trade to 1=Rocky or 2=Merrett. Cheers


    1. yeh , i watched the game , sheed spent the game on the outside of the contest asking for the footy ,
      looked like oliver asking for another bowl of gruel
      definite roll change
      looked like he was being tagged @ times too


  4. I recall the jibe about zerrett…..i think it was about his softness and he was being compared with jwood. I also recall commenting that those two were heading in different directions.
    Only thing I have got right this year.


  5. ROB is the trade to make given Jacobs out. Excellent JS.
    Will need to mover Setterfield to mids and Bines to fwd.

    What is everyone thinking about the trade out options?
    Need to make the call before west coast game tomorrow so should have an idea which rookies are named.
    If the following are all named who would you lean towards trading?

    TU Gibbons
    TD Parker

    Comments for butters and Atkins

    Thanks coaches


      1. Have Scott too but didn’t include him cause I think there is still money to make.
        Am guessing the selections are probably going to decide for us.


  6. still not sold on heeney ,
    low scores against the bulldogs & adelaide
    high scores against carlton & melbourne
    see how he goes V the tigers & GWS


      1. thats right , low scores against mid range teams , good scores against the cellar dwellars ,
        tigers & GWS will show his true form
        will the real heeney pls stand up



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