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Written by Motts on April 18 2017

GEELONG has suffered a double blow at the Match Review Panel, with rookie James Parsons and midfielder Sam Menegola both rubbed out for the Cats’ clash with St Kilda on Sunday.

Parsons has been offered a two-match suspension for a stray elbow to the head of former Hawthorn captain Luke Hodge, while Menegola has been offered a one-match ban for a dangerous tackle, also on Hodge.

Hawks veteran Josh Gibson has been cleared and is available to face West Coast on Sundayย after being scrutinised for a bump on Tom Ruggles that resulted in an accidental clash of heads.

The Cats could choose to challenge the Parsons ban, which was classified as striking and graded intentional conduct with medium impact to the head.

Coach Chris Scott defended his midfielder’s actions to an extent on Monday night, explaining that the 20-year-old could have been preparing to bump but found himself out of position.

If the Cats successfully downgraded the intent to careless, Parsons would face a one-match ban, but if they fail he would be sidelined for three matches.

Menegola’s dangerous tackle on Hodge, which resulted in a match-day report, was graded careless conduct with medium impact to the head.

Hodge was slung and slammed into the centre circle turf at the MCG in the third quarter, but he was able to play on despite his head making significant contact with the ground.

Medical reports from Hawthorn were used in both cases against the Geelong pair.

However, the MRP typically reserves the right to upgrade impact because of the risk of serious injury with elbows to the head and dangerous tackles.

In clearing Gibson, the Panel said the defender had made body-to-body contact with Ruggles and the players’ heads had clashed “in the course of that contact”.

“It was the view of the Panel that the degree of force in Gibsonโ€™s block was not excessive for the situation,” the MRP said in its findings.

“Gibson did not run a long distance to support his teammate and Gibson did not jump or leave the ground to make contact with his Geelong opponent.

“On consideration of all those factors, the Panelโ€™s view was that Gibsonโ€™s actions were not unreasonable in the circumstances and no further action was taken.”


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7 thoughts on “MRP – Hawks v Cats”

  1. 2 matches for Parsons is lovely.

    Balic this week, Fisher next week then Parsons the week after.



    1. Assuming that Parsons gets back in the team in 2 weeks, he’s given someone else an opportunity to take his spot, and I’m not sure that he’d cemented it enough to be an automatic selection. He’s on my watch list too, however.


        1. It looked just like an illegal sling tackle to me. Hard to let him off from that, even if no injury. I think they want to discourage things that could lead to injury, not just punish after the fact.


        2. I kind of agree Twirch: I thought he may get away with a fine due to lack of severity but as FD said, it was a sling tackle.



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