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Written by Motts on March 27 2017

MELBOURNE half-back Bernie Vince has been offered a one-match suspension for a behind-the-ball hit on Nathan Wright in Saturday’s clash against St Kilda.

Collingwood speedster Travis Varcoe can also accept a one-match ban after collecting Luke Dahlhaus high in Friday night’s match against the Western Bulldogs at the MCG.

In the first Match Review Panel findings for the regular season, Vince and Varcoe were the only players offered suspensions, with five other players handed financial sanctions.

Although Vince’s strike was graded low impact, the key Demon could not escape suspension because the MRP deemed it was an intentional hit to the head.

If the Demons accept the charge, Vince will be sidelined for Sunday’s clash against Carlton at the MCG.

Varcoe was reported on Friday night after running in off the centre square and collecting Dahlhaus in the head with his shoulder in the first quarter.

The incident was graded careless conduct with medium impact to the head, ensuring a one-match ban that will sideline Varcoe for Thursday night’s clash against Richmond at the MCG.

Meanwhile, Port Adelaide midfielder Hamish Hartlett has found himself in hot water one week into the season after accruing his second low-level offence.

Harlett, who was fined $1000 during the JLT Community Series for striking Jarryd Roughead, was charged on Monday for a near identical offence, this time on Sydney’s Jordan Foote.

He has been offered a $1500 fine for a second strike and will suspended for one match if he commits another low-level offence this season.

Carlton forward Levi Casboult was offered a $1000 fine for his high bump on Tigers midfielder Nick Vlastuin.

The Blues’ big man stepped into Vlastuin at a centre bounce contest after the tough Tiger fumbled, moving past the ball and collecting him high and front-on.

Three players were fined for a melee between Fremantle and Geelong in Sunday night’s clash at Domain Stadium.

Michael Walters, Cam McCarthy and Zach Tuohy were all offered $1500 fines for second offences in engaging in a melee.


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6 thoughts on “MRP – R1”

    1. Varcoe and the pies must have some sort of blackmail material on the MRP. I was in shock when I heard one week. Very lucky for it to be graded careless.


        1. Actually he contacted Dahlhaus’s jaw and Dahl’s performance dropped off as the game went on.

          If you want to see guys run off the back of the square and take out players, watch the 1989 Grand Final. I think you’ll enjoy it!


  1. I know Vince has a poor record of being reported, but did it deserve a week? I can only find one far away angle (from behind Vince) that didn’t look that bad. It was unnecessary, so that may have counted against him, but was there any injury or ill-effect to Wright? I’m not saying Vince is an angel, he’s not. He’s a bit of a dick on the field at times, but this one seems much softer than previous reports he’s faced and got away with.

    What I’m probably trying to say is: MRP… ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ


  2. All players accept MRP penalties.

    Varcoe and Vince: 1 game suspension
    Casboult: $1000 fine
    Hartlett, Tuohy, McCarthy, Walters: $1500 fine



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