Myth-Smiters: Goldy With(out) Daw

Written by Father Dougal on March 23 2017

Today’s Myth: I have heard a rumor that Goldstein scores worse when Majak Daw is also playing. Not hard to check, what is Goldy’s average with and without Daw?

  Goldy Goldy &  
Round Alone Friend Daw
1 126
2 95
3 172
4 121
5 125
6 49
7 103
8 105 97
9 173
10 112
11 87
12 83
13 100 92
14 99
16 110
17 93
18 87 43
19 118
20 127 72
21 92 78
22 82 38
23 99 50
112.8 98.9 70


Well, seven matches of data. 112.8 is 13.9 higher than 98.9. That is a notable difference. I wish we knew how much his last three matches of 2016 were affected by injury…….

Conclusion: TRUTH! There is a clear difference between Goldstein’s average when Daw is playing or not. I don’t think we can know for sure that Daw being there is the reason, but it would not be a bad guess.


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12 thoughts on “Myth-Smiters: Goldy With(out) Daw”

    1. I’m now seriously considering trading Goldie for Nankervis. Will enable me then to go up to O’Meara from a rookie in the Mids with the extra $$.

      One thing I don’t like is with 2 Midpricers in Nank and Sandi in Ruck line, how to corrective trade out of it – if the s**t hits the fan in R1/R2.


      1. I have Steel and Omera so if Sandi goes down I will look to downgrade one of them to a rookie and bring in a premium ruck. I think its a risk worth taking as Nankilands allows me to have another premium fwd. We just need 2 to 3 price rises from sandi to mitigate the risk.


  1. Statistical noise if you ask me. Goldy wasn’t right in the 2nd half of the year. Look at Round 11 on. Without Daw he averaged 100.6, with him he averaged 97.83.

    Less than 1 tap to advantage between those two averages. If you believe he has got he’s body right he is still a top 2 ruck for mine.


    1. Spot on, I think the best verdict here is the old mythbusters copout of ‘plausible’. It might be true, it might not, we don’t know.


      1. Yes, Daw being the cause is only plausible. Goldy’s scores being lower is true though. Correlation doesn’t imply causation and all that.


    1. Perplexing decision by North at the selection table to offer Preuss his debut against an undermanned WC ruck division consisting of N Vardy and D Petrie. His evident inability to be able to run out a match (weighs 109 kg) should mean he will play the majority of game time in the forward line/bench occasionally pinch hitting giving Goldstein a rest. Goldy’s performance against S McKernan in 2015 (221 points) must not be forgotten and highlights his ability to dominate a 2nd/3rd tier ruck.


      1. I think that might be the tactic North are using Adam – give Preuss a run against softer opposition in his debut, rather than a baptism of fire against, say, Stef or Gawn.
        I realise Supercoaches might be a bit frustrated about Goldy’s potentially reduced scoring, but from a football perspective it makes sense.


      2. I have a feeling Daw might miss the final team. If thats the case Preuss plays mostly fwd and pinch hits in the ruck and the selection makes sense.


        1. I agree. Wasn’t impressed by his JLT series – didn’t seem overly agile under all that muscle and wasn’t reading the trajectory all that well.



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