N Riewoldt v J Riewoldt v J Kennedy

Written by Motts on May 2 2011

Which one of these three do you think will do better in 2011? Format below is (price, score last round, average, breakeven next round)

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5 thoughts on “N Riewoldt v J Riewoldt v J Kennedy”

  1. Jack Riewoldt’s up and downs aren’t good for my heart

    Last year
    11 scores under 70
    8 tons
    3 in Betweens


  2. At first i thought you meant Josh ‘Swan’ Kennedy not Josh ‘Eagle’ Kennedy. If it were Josh ‘Swan’ Kennedy i’d pick him but i did find it strange that you were comparing the cousins Riewoldt and a Sydney midfielder. Now i get it and Nick gets the nod. His form clump surely won’t continue.

    On an aside, anyone notice that Nick’s new haircut (if you could call it that) makes him look eerily like Drago from Rocky IV. Think the poor choice of hair stylists is clearly the determining factor behind St Kilda’s poor form. The pretty boys Nick and BJ are too upset about their new preppy boy, letterman jacket style looks to play decent footy and are voting with their feet.



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