nab Cup R1 Impressions

Written by Motts on February 26 2012

Now that Round 1 of the nab Cup is run and won, who busted down the door of your team?

Let me throw some names at you: Magner, Ledger, Lucas, Neale, Sloane, Bower, Cooyou, Weedon, Gibson, Conca, Hams and Dell’Olio.

Have I missed anyone?


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41 thoughts on “nab Cup R1 Impressions”

  1. For me I have included based on Round 1; Neale (Freo), Magner (Melb), Gibson (north), Hall (GC), Sloane (Adel), Lucas (blues).

    Will wait with baited breath over the next few weeks to see if any/all of the above continue to push for round 1 selection;)


  2. A few familiar faces have done well. Tom Lynch- Adelaide (too expensive for my team). How good was magner??! Ahh

    Let’s not mention Carlton, can’t believe they lost.


  3. Hey guys

    I try not to focus on nab cup too much, because i never purely pick a player because of Nab cup form. Not to say it doesn’t help, i do use it.

    Few Points:

    Im having a few doubts that kruez will be playing ruck most of the game, i think he could play a kew forward role or even help at the where he was at game 1 today.

    Sloane= Rockliff of 2012- I try not to pick mid price mids, but i have a feeling he could end up in top 8-10 mids in end of season.
    Bench players have completely changes- like wilkes out, and gibson in. And a few others.

    Bower- is playing a bit more defensive than his old running half back role where he averaged over 80 a few years back.
    Lock and load M/F Sidebumm, fyfe and martin.

    Reiwoldt- Definitely not included in my team, the new style of footy just does not seem to suit him.

    Sam Reid- Breakout??

    Kane Lucas- Lock and loaded, my pick for the rising star.

    This is all based on Nab cup matches and i may be wrong on some things, feel free to discuss these players, cheers guys, hope that helps.


  4. id like to take the chocolates for backing sloane in on this site a couple weeks ago.
    i just cant get him a spot in my team yet…haha


  5. Well, well, well…

    Richmond vs North vs Hawthorn:
    Miller looked good leading from full forward but lets be honest no ones gunna pick him up! Dusty Martin and Newman looked as good as ever. Morris and Derickx performed the best for the Tiges as rookies, and I was a little bit dissapointed with B Ellis … Maric could be a nice mid price POD in the rucks.

    Not many things to say about North other than Ziebell – could this be his year?! Gibson looked the goods as a rookie, but is he going to be elevated? Probably after the injury to Grima. Another mid price ruck contender would be Mcintosh, but I’m not too sure about 1. his job security and 2. coming back from an achilles is not an easy job.

    Hawthorn’s Premiership team looked flat on the night, but Buddy definitely did not! He was up and about in the midfield which is a good sign for Supercoachers! Birch, Mitchell, Suckling, Lewis and Cyril were on fire also. Lets hope that Sizzle’s hammy doesnt go PING! Hodge was flat though.

    GWS vs Bulldogs vs Collingwood:
    GWS showed some signs for Supercoachers – James Mcdonald could be a handy M6. Cooyou, Bugg, Tomlinson and Coniglio all showed something for a rookie, but Jonathan Giles was the big one, giving everyone the option to go 1 gun 3 rookies in the rucks. Phil Davis was also up and about! Tim Mohr was a bit of a let down…

    BOYD! BOYD! AND BOYD AGAIN! The Doggies skipper was on fire! Proven performer that should be just as good as any other year… Maybe an improvement in disposal efficiency would be good. Hargrave, Gian and Murphy, the 3 old Dogs, performed great down back and up forward – could be nice PODs. Skinner, Cordy and Talia looked alright for rookies, but Zeph was the only one that REALLY impressed.

    Dale was on fire for the Pies, as was Shaw, Swanny and Ball. Sidebottom looked great, racking up the possies! Yagmoor was a surprise and a good one, but I can’t see him breaking into the team because I think Leon’s spot is going to be filled by Clarke… but with Maccaffer gone you never know!

    West Coast vs Essendon vs Fremantle:
    Weedon impressed – more like owned it! Ashton Hams was good as well. Shuey look sjust as good as last season, maybe even better. Priddis back to his consistent best! Coxy put more thinking into Supercoacher’s gun ruck, but he does look quite expensive for my liking. Hurn’s slimmer legs helped him rack up a few possies but I want to see him handle a tag before I consider him.

    Howlett and Melksham look as if they have been working hard over the pre-season… could provide a useful POD. Monfries looked alright going through the midfield. Baguley is a mid/def that you should keep your eye on! Kavanah was alright, Zaha was alright. Not much else to say about my bombers.

    Duffield and Broughton are in my team now! Both of them played very well coming out from half-back. Fyfe was good, as was Sandi. Neale and spurr look like 2 good rookies. Suban was alright.

    That’s Week 1. Week 2 coming soon!


  6. what does anyone think of brodie martin…break out year? 3rd listed year and hasnt played much, however he looks pretty good and could be a suprise this year at only $199,500


  7. is anyone going to pick up hayes this year im still tossing up between having him or not
    Thumbs up – Yes
    Thumbs down – No
    comments? Thanks


  8. Locked in Selwood and I think I want Goodes now.

    Liked: Hall, Magna, Ledger, Wingard

    Need to see more: Pfiffer, Bower, Lucas, Hogan, Bate (surprising), Saad, Milera

    Wanted to see but didn’t: Horsley, Brown, Rowe

    Strongly considering a 3 gun 5 rookie midfield after this weekend


  9. St Kilda vs Sydney vs Geelong
    Young gun Jacky Steven was straight back to his best, equal leading the Saints for disposals in the first game. Fisher, Jones, Goddard, Mcevoy and Riweoldt were all solid. Hayes had a great game back from injury, but only played one. Ledger and Saad look like good rookie pick-ups.

    Tough nut Bolton was good, as was Goodesy! Sam Reid was great in the first game, but quieter in the second. Mcglynn is back (Mottsy)! Benny played great in the second game. Grundy was great. An interesting POD would be Kieran Jack! Around 450,000, injured all of last year, and he played well. Gordon was the only noticeable rookie on the night from the Swans.

    You could hardly recognise the Cats on the night. Selwood was awesome in the first game, didn’t play in the second. Mackie, Hunt and Taylor were solid. Simpkin, Smedts and Stephenson were all good as rookies. Stephenson and Smedts look the most likely to play out of those three.

    Gold Coast vs Melbourne vs Brisbane
    Ablett was good in his only game, as was Iles, Rischitelli, Bock and Swallow. Dion “The Little Jet” Prestia was also impressive. Aaron Hall, not Josh, was a standout as a rookie. Haven’t heard much about him but looks great!

    Mitch Clark went from top Dream Team scorer, to bottom, 41 to -6. Could be a handy pick-up but can’t be sure about him. Leave him alone I say. Magner was very, very good as a rookie. Moloney was flat, as was Sylvia and Watts. I’ve got my eye on Bate, don’t know why but he looks good.

    Rockliff, Redden, Black and Leunberger were all back to business. Matt Maguire was impressive, I’ll have a look at him – Nahhht! He’s consistent, but consistently bad. Adcock was not good, and with injury worried I don’t think I will even consider him. No Docherty or Zorko on the night gave us not much to see for rookies. Jonathan Brown was average. He got through, which is a good thing.

    Port Adelaide vs Carlton vs Adelaide
    Wingard was on FIRE! Looks like he knows where the ball is, and he sure can get it! Great job security at the Power as well. Pfeiffer also looked the goods for a rookie. Hartlett played well, so did Gray and Boak. Port’s midfield does actually look alright for the future! Jarrad Redden looks alright for a rookie ruckman.

    I’m calling it now – Lucas for Rising Star! He played great in both games! Scotland, Carrazzo, Murphy and Kreuzer all looked like last year. Mclean and Bower were also alright. I think Hampson might be playing the KPP this year, so he might be a little smokey for the rucks…

    Sloane – I love him. I said at the end of last year, Sloane is straight into my midfield. Bang! He’s in! Thompson, van Berlo and Vince were all quite good. Mcintyre was the best rookie as far as I can see, he impressed me a lot. He is also a DPP as well which is a bonus! Ex-Saint Tom Lynch was also very good, but he is in that price range where you want to be sure of what you’re getting first.

    And that’s Week 2!



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