NAB Cup Rookie Review – Midfielders

Written by Big Sexy on March 16 2011

My Top Five Rookie NAB Cup Midfieders (<$200k):
1) D Swallow (Mid 188k) If you liked Mark Spitz, you’re going to LOVE Swallow. The number one draft pick and brother of premier midfielder Andrew Swallow of the Kanga’s has been touted the ‘next big thing’ ever since people started talking about the 2010 draft. It seems he hasn’t disappointed collecting possessions at will, and moving freely and is going to have the added bonus of having Ablett pick up the heavy tag each week. NAB Cup SC scores 125,111, 54.
2) D Harris (Mid 125k) Harris has been handed a lifeline by the Suns to really place a stamp on his career. He’s ridiculously cheap for what your getting, and that’s a 28yo with 142 games experience, and a player who’s got something to prove. Just about everyone will have Harris come the first bounce of Round 1. So don’t be one to miss the boat.. NAB Cup SC scores 121, 108
3) A Gaff (Mid 173k) Gaff was the highest non-Gold Coast Draft pick taken at pick 4 and recruited from Oakleigh Chargers. I personally wasn’t overly impressed in the game I saw against Collingwood, but one game does not make a player (good or bad), so giving the benefit of the doubt off a number of other positive reports, most folk expect Gaff to get an early run and again get plenty of opportunity during the season. His scores haven’t been great, but at least he’s playing and scoring. NAB Cup SC scores 46, 31, 34.
4) D Heppell (Mid/Def 153k) Having sat through as many matches as I could, Heppell is the individual first-year player that has stuck out to me the most and showed tons of skill, poise and efficient use of the ball though had a bad one against the Pies in the NAB Cup GF…. His efficiency will be rewarded, and the ball seems to find him…. Again a great sign. NAB Cup SC scores 116, 65, 48, 17
5) J Irons (Mid 91k) Who’s J Iron’s I hear you ask… answer: he’s my dark horse. His scores in his NAB Cup matches were average…. But I’ve been keeping a close eye on his performances and write-up’s and he’s been getting ton’s of it. He’s been getting 20+ possessions in NAB challenge matches and has consistently got mentions in his teams best. He’s a bargain basement price, and one to watch….. Lets face it, Port has plenty of room in their midfield for someone that can play… so consider yourself warned. That said, he may never get a game :). NAB Cup SC scores 27, 45 (Note: Site reader Mr Kraft posted comments stating Irons may have been injured over the weekend, but I haven’t seen any other reports, so just a warning)

By the way: Krakouer missed out on Rookie status by $600! I also had Mzungu in my top 5, but had to dump him with a medial ligament on the weekend.

Easily could have had Bennell in there too, but didn’t want to list 5 Suns players.

For those of you at home that are too young or haven’t heard of him, Mark Spitz won 9 Olympic gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze, and 7 of his gold medal were won at in the one Munich Olympics with his final medal being won hours before Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeli athletes…… well there’s some trivia for you.


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11 thoughts on “NAB Cup Rookie Review – Midfielders”

  1. As usual Big Sexy, superb info. Just to fill you in on Irons, I’ve heard he is fine as is Matt Thomas whose scans revealed yesterday no complications with the plantar fascia in his right foot. Mail has it also Pittard is the big talk that he play round 1 for the Power.


  2. great review, i had to drop bennal after deciding against three suns on the bench. going with swallow, harris and gaff atm. how do you rate sam isles, i hear good things



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