NAB Cup Rookie Review – Rucks

Written by Big Sexy on March 17 2011

I haven’t seen much of the first year Rucks and haven’t put as much detail into this report, as I don’t want to make-stuff up… but based on what I have seen, read and heard here is some high-level info. However, I would love it if YOU would comment on who you think are the best Rookie Rucks for the year…. Especially if you have seen them play, preferably live.

My Top Five Rookie NAB Cup Rucks (<$200k):
1) Z Smith (Ruck 117k) The most likely rookie Ruck ‘starter’ for the season, but I expect will still start behind Fraser and with the change in bench rules we hope the Suns play with two rucks. I have heard Bluey give him big wraps, so injuries permitting he will play a large chunk of the season. NAB Cup SC scores DNP.
2) T Derickx (Ruck 103k) A mature age recruit who will start behind Graham and Vickery, but neither of those are superstars, so plenty of opportunity if he’s good enough. Being mature age helps a lot as a ruck. NAB Cup SC scores 151, 41
3) J Redden (Ruck 110k) With Lade retired and Lobbe on the LTI list, Port are looking for a second Ruck, and I don’t think Trengrove is really a second Ruck (more key position). Redden is one of the few second stringers to get a run throughout the NAB cup. NAB Cup SC scores 52, 51
4) D Simpson (Ruck 180k) One of the few new rucks I have seen play… he played a couple of games last year (2 games, ave 37), and I saw him live in the NAB Challenge game against the Blues, and he was distinctly more mobile than Blake, so will get a run at some stage during the season. I thought he looked very promising. NAB Cup SC scores 9
5) J Tippet (Ruck/Fwd 125k) Probably not going to play this season…. So why is he on the list? Tippett is the cheapest Ruck/Fwd DPP which will allow you to rotate him with your forward line with the likes of Petrie or Hale…. Ok, well Petrie. NAB Cup SC scores DNP

Special Mentions to Petrie and Fraser who are cheap as chips for Rucks that are pretty much guaranteed games if injury free.


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  1. Brad Moran, 110,000 finally might get some games into him, will be tough but played in practice match against tigez not long ago, kicked 1 goal or 2 and didn’t go too bad. I also think broc McCauley from Brissy at 91,000? might be a good option, Leunberger aparently injured, not sure about it should be fit for round 1, but if chramain aint fit than mccauley should get thumbs up from vossy as clark im expecting to play forward, played 2 NAB cup games and averages 47 in SC, havent been following his games in praccy matches.



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