Nab Round 1 Champion Data stats

Written by Big Sexy on March 2 2012

Some of you may subscribe to this, but if you don’t, please feel free to download the Champion Data Round1 Stats and wrap up.ย  It is only Dream Team points, but still a reasonable guide for SuperCoach at this stage of the year.

Just click on this to download, it’s just PDF: NAB Round 1 Stats and Wrapย 

Let us know what your take is on the value of Champion Data write-up?


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3 thoughts on “Nab Round 1 Champion Data stats”

  1. Thanks for the link Big Sexy. You’ll find that once the season proper starts there will also be a Supercoach PDF.


  2. Bock suspended till rd 3, damn time for a re jig.

    Goddard deledio hargreave CLARKE ugle bugg smeldts sierkowski wilkes
    Ablett selwwod priddis swallow gibbs wingard magner gibson
    Macintosh giles jenkins o steph
    Buddy goodes fyfe martin SIDEBOTTOM saad weedon hall delollio

    480k in the bank – looking to trade bock back in rd 3.

    It’s been emotional – my team has changed 15 times.
    Daisy,gaff,shuey,boyd,watson – are favs of mine this season,but I can’t decide which direction to go, premium mids or a few 300k er’s and load up elsewhere.

    I HATE SUPERCOACH! …….sort of…………not really.



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