New Rules for 2019

Written by Thommo on August 24 2018

In the preseason, we normally run articles informing coaches of the rules of Supercoach. Rules like: ‘Don’t trade a rookie in after just 1 match’ or ‘Don’t select players with interrupted preseasons’.

Most of us follow these rules loosely and then berate ourselves when we get burnt. As the season progresses, we vow to respect the old rules next year and even add new ones. How many times this week have you heard a coach exclaim, “I’ll never trade Tom Rockliff in again.”

Respect the Higgins list, coaches!

Now, we know what the old Supercoach rules are, but I would like to hear what your new rules will be for 2019. After having too many non-playing rookies on my bench this season, my new rule is: ‘Don’t trade in rookies after 2 games unless they have guaranteed job security’.

So share the love coaches: What are your new Supercoach rules for 2019?


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20 thoughts on “New Rules for 2019”

  1. that one about job security resonates with me too. Reckon I had about four ‘bubble boys’ on my bench for most of the season.


    1. Yeah the flip side of this is I’ve been carrying Murphy and Lynch in my backline all season, both of whom are careening backwards from 200k…

      I’d rather have a loophole option in the backline.


  2. – Walters is on the never again list. Burnt me two years in a row now. This year even worse I trade him out and then back in.

    -Howe is pretty close to never again, even before the injury he is too up and down. I think any collingwood defender is a bit of a risk till they have more depth in their Key defender stocks.

    – never take advice from Richmond supporters when picking your team, Just because their premiers they think even their 2nd/3rd tier players will pump average 80+ a game. My mate insisted all pre-season that jack graham was a sure thing, I should have never listened to him.


  3. 1 rule i will remove is Jake Lloyd from the higgins list as he burnt me hard in 2017 finals and he started the same this year, then suddenly changed an i kept thinking he was a flash in the pan.

    I will stick to my rule of mid-pricers and not to trade them in even if they start good. Bonner great example, avoided Coniglio too. If i started with him it would have been different but wasn’t trading him in.

    New players to the Higgins list: Hibberd, Billings, Savage

    New rules: Don’t start with a rookie that you think will play the next week if he is an emergency week 1. Lack of defensive rookies and i didn’t trust Murphy so i went with Francis Watson. Many times emergency never named though, hurt early cash generation.
    Don’t instantly rule out players that lose their DPP status *cough* cough* Macrae *cough*. Be cautious with them though
    Don’t start with POD’s they are for end of year and they can really backfire early and kill a season quickly. Beams was this for me.


    1. We need a Lock List. Barring injury Lloyd and Doherty are locks in the backline next season.

      I agree with Daisy below, Billings will be a cheap forward premium next season as Richo is sure to start him on ball or on a wing.


  4. Alot has gone right for me this year but i’ve had a few spuds who’s joined Broughton, Harbrow, JJ on the never again list. these players are;

    Luke ‘The Spud Potato’ Ryan this bloke is the definition of a rollercoaster ride.

    Jack Billings under Richardson, he’s way to good of a midfielder to be playing forward every week. I wont select him back in my side unless there’s a new coach down at Moorabbin.

    Michael Hibberd, boy oh boy wowe did his role change no thank you mate. Need defenders getting kick ins and that’s not you mate.

    Picking a Defender over a inside midfielder as an upgrade target, Taking Crisp over Brayshaw few rounds ago has hurt me ๐Ÿ™


    1. With Brett Ratten likely to join the Saints I think there may be positive upside for Billings next year. I frickin hope so anyway


  5. A lot of people with Billings on their never again list. Averaging 96 since going into the midfield and they’ve finally worked out that is where he belongs. Will be fwd eligible and priced at around an 80 ave. Closer to a lock than a never again for me!


  6. My four main rules for next year.

    Rule 1
    No Mid Price Madness unless…..
    They have averaged premium numbers before and are only discounted due to missing games last year.
    EG: Doc and Williams will be my first two Defenders picked next year.

    Rule 2
    Sounds obvious but pick Midfielders that actually play full time Midfield,
    EG: Titch / Oliver /Cripps / Zerrett / Macrea / Neale

    Guys like Dusty / Bont / Zorko/ Parker spend too much time forward to put out the 110+ consistently.
    Danger is the only real exception to this rule.

    Rule 3
    Pick forwards that roll through the midfield. DPP preferred

    Rule 4
    Don’t drink and trade ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve broken them all this year. Will I ever learn?


  7. One rule for me.
    Hold my emotions in check. Keep myself under control during those final moments before the Round 1 Lockout.

    I’ve found myself anticipating the season so much that I’ve generally freaked out during those last few moments with the free-for-all trade reversals, and have made a wild amount of changes to my team in those last minutes, never to have anything good happen. (This year I brought in Hibberd and Zerrett right before the Bombers’ round 1 opener…Zerrett got concussed that game and had some stinkers and tag-affairs upon returning, and we all know how Hibberd was a spud…I was behind the pack right from the start after those adrenaline trades).

    So my rule is, NO TRADES MOMENTS BEFORE THE ROUND 1 OPENING BOUNCE. Stick to my guns and hold firm on the team I’ve researched.

    (It’s almost guaranteed that I’ll break this rule. Round 23! Grand Final Week! It’s a bittersweet moment. Win and I’ll be the back-to-back premiership team in my friends league. Win or lose, it’s been another fun season, but I’ll miss SC and SCT all off-season long.)

    Thanks to the SCT contributors and the community for a great season! Ill be checking in until AFL Finals wrap up. Good luck to everybody this week who is pushing for their rank to fly up and anybody going for the flag.

    (Go Dees!)


  8. I have learnt so much on here and some of these are probably established rules that you all already know, but from what I’ve learned/picked up over the last twelve months through SCT, these are my standard rules for 2019:

    1. ONLY pick established uber elites at season’s start. if that means only starting with 13 premos, so be it. Don’t want to have to trade ANY of these unless they have season-ending injuries.

    2. NO KPPs, however good they are. their yo-yo scoring is so frustrating and can drive you to distraction and rage-trading, with potential season-ending consequences

    3. NEVER pick players whose situation has changed from the previous year (eg new club, new coach(es), new arrivals that may effect their role etc.). Instead, watch and act! – Hibberd being the classic 2018 example (Lever’s arrival)

    4. a history of LTIs is a no-no. Again watch and act, or consider for POD toward season’s end. eg Deledio

    5. Consider byes at season’s start. No more than one per bye in DEFs, RUC and FWDs and no more than two per bye in MIDs. Gives more trade flexibility.

    6. ALWAYS pick your rookies first. This should dictate how many Premos start on each line and not vice versa.

    7. Don’t let pre-season form influence your uber-premo choices. These games and numbers are irrelevant for elite players.

    8. ALWAYS pick a loophole at season’s start as it saves you money AND offers points potential – probably best on the line where there is least depth in decent rookies, but MID-line offers both greater flexibility and cover. Am considering picking one here too, to maximise on-field rookie scoring from the outset (if it will also afford me ANO genuine Premo).

    9. Other, lesser considerations in choosing between two players:- are their team likely to be fighting for finals? or top 4 spots? what is their relative age, # of games (& pre-seasons), # draft pick, injury history etc.

    10. ALWAYS seek opinion from the SCT community, but sometimes it is worth following your gut ๐Ÿ˜‰


  9. I have a few rules….

    1. KISS
    2. One gun ruck and another like Nank or Big Boy to keep the points rolling. The two rucks must have different bye rounds, and hopefully the second ruck can be traded for a gun after/during the byes. Started with Gawn/Nank this year…Nank to Grundy after Nank bye round. Grundy had already had his.
    3. Avoid players consistently playing < than 20 games. Some of the averages are great, but work out average per week over the season and its different. Goodbyye Nat Fyfe. This is why Simmo has probably been the greatest ever SC defender.
    4. No rookie over $123.9k. To make $100k from this guy, he needs to average about 45. A 200 k rookie has to average about 65.
    5. Start with $200k in the bank…there is always going to be a low price bolter that at worst is going to make big coin.


  10. Biggest problem I see right now is all the must have defenders and bargain defenders are basically at 2 clubs.



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