Game Chat – North Melbourne v Collingwood

Written by Father Dougal on August 5 2017

Venue: Etihad Stadium, Saturday, August 5, 7.25pm AEST

Last Time They Met:
R18, 2016, North Melbourne 18.16 (124) d Collingwood 12.12 (84) at Etihad
R9, 2015, Collingwood 17.10 (112) d North Melbourne 14.11 (95) at MCG
R5, 2014, Collingwood 13.15 (93) d North Melbourne 8.10 (58) at MCG
R23, 2013, North Melbourne 19.11 (125) d Collingwood 17.12 (114) at MCG
R1, 2013, Collingwood 15.13 (103) d North Melbourne 13.9 (87) at Etihad

Game notes: North Melbourne’s gritty triumph in Hobart over the Demons put tanking talk on the backburner, while Collingwood had to settle for a draw with Adelaide despite leading by 50 points in the third term. The 13th-placed Pies are gaining late-season momentum as Nathan Buckley coaches for his AFL life, but are still without skipper Scott Pendlebury. That leaves more responsibility on Taylor Adams, Adam Treloar, Daniel Wells and Steele Sidebottom. The Kangaroos’ midfield depth is not as impressive, but Ben Cunnington, Shaun Higgins, Jack Ziebell and a resurgent Andrew Swallow are holding their own in recent times. They also boast a dominant key forward in Ben Brown, who is a legitimate chance of winning this year’s Coleman Medal. Coach Brad Scott has made it clear North will fight out the season and is not thinking about the No.1 draft pick.

Father Dougal’s Tip: North by 3 (Yes, an upset by the home team)

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19 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne v Collingwood”

  1. You are a connoisseur of the oval ball game PieFan64, I enjoy your observations
    on this great game. Not everyone picks up on the subtlety of Maynards play.


  2. It’s pretty clear now what a ridiculous precedent the MRP has set with “dangerous” tackles now. Based on the past week, Brodie Grundy should be suspended for that.


      1. I see what you are saying ,but there was no free against Danger last week either.
        Suggesting the umps didn’t see an issue.


        1. Yes, but not only was there not a free kick against Grundy, Grundy actually *won* a free kick from that tackle. I just can’t see how they could justify rewarding him for the tackle on the night, and then suspending him for it on Monday.


  3. If Danger is gone , Grundy is gone. The commentators are saying Brown is a big
    man so what does Grundy do . So is Kreuezer a midget?


    1. My opinion is that Grundy’s tackle is one motion, it appears to be a sling/bodyslam/double motion because Brown originally stands up in the tackle, before losing his footing. Grundy continues to pull him down, turns him slightly (as he should), and it is just bad luck. Ball is there the whole time. Unfortunately, MRP will probably suspend him for a week, for what most unbiased viewers would probably consider a perfect tackle (barring the repercussions of course).


      1. We can look at all the circumstances around it but if you have hold of both arms and the head hits the ground you are gone.right or wrong.


  4. The elephant in the room with all of these injuries, and particularly concussions, is the hardness of the playing surfaces these days. Why on Earth do they trim the grass so short? If it was the same length as it was 20 years ago, most of these sorts of injuries wouldn’t happen.


    North Melbourne 1.9.15
    Collingwood 5.11.41

    T. Dumont 53
    S. Gibson 52
    A. Mullett 49
    R. Tarrant 43
    R. Clarke 42
    S. Atley 42
    D. Mountford 40
    S. Higgins 39
    L. McDonald 39
    T. Goldstein 37
    B. Cunnington 34
    T. Garner 34
    N. Hrovat 28
    B. Brown 26
    J. Ziebell 23
    B. Preuss 20
    S. Thompson 18
    J. Williams 17
    A. Swallow 16
    N. Larkey 14
    S. Durdin 13
    D. Nielson 12

    L. Dunn 63
    J. De Goey 62
    J. Crisp 58
    B. Maynard 57
    A. Treloar 56
    M. Scharenberg 55
    T. Goldsack 54
    B. Grundy 50
    J. Blair 50
    T. Adams 49
    S. Sidebottom 46
    D. Moore 44
    J. Thomas 42
    J. Elliott 40
    T. Phillips 35
    T. Langdon 35
    B. Reid 34
    L. Greenwood 34
    J. Howe 34
    A. Fasolo 34
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 23
    D. Wells 8



    North Melbourne 7.15.57
    Collingwood 16.15.111

    J. Ziebell 109
    A. Mullett 97
    S. Gibson 94
    T. Dumont 94
    T. Goldstein 89
    R. Clarke 88
    D. Mountford 82
    R. Tarrant 81
    L. McDonald 81
    T. Garner 78
    S. Higgins 71
    B. Cunnington 67
    S. Atley 66
    N. Hrovat 64
    S. Thompson 62
    A. Swallow 57
    B. Preuss 32
    B. Brown 32
    J. Williams 28
    S. Durdin 24
    N. Larkey 19
    D. Nielson 14

    T. Adams 124
    A. Treloar 117
    B. Grundy 115
    J. De Goey 111
    B. Maynard 110
    J. Crisp 101
    M. Scharenberg 100
    L. Dunn 97
    T. Phillips 95
    J. Howe 92
    T. Langdon 90
    S. Sidebottom 90
    J. Thomas 89
    J. Blair 87
    J. Elliott 73
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 72
    T. Goldsack 72
    D. Moore 72
    B. Reid 54
    A. Fasolo 53
    L. Greenwood 41
    D. Wells 20



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