Numbers Game – Consistability!

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 22 2017

Adam has been busy in our Forums with his various statistics over the pre-season.  Nothing warms our hearts more at SCT than our Coaches getting involved and wanting to share their assorted research tools.  Adam has been crunching the numbers ahead of Rd1 and has come up with the following data……….

Take note of the various averages that he’s working with in each position.  For example, Adam has calculated how durable the DEF premiums were in any seasons where they averaged over 80+pts only (MID – 95+pts, FWD – 80+pts).  From those statistics, he’s calculated the consistency of these premiums by breaking down their scoring range (how often did they score 80+? 100+? 120+?) with the percentage of occasions included.

What really stuck out for me was the amount of games that Taylor Adams has missed over the years (73% durability compared to 98% of Kade Simpson).  While Luke Hodge can miss games along the way, there is no other DEF premium that ‘goes large’ as often as him (nearly a qtr of his games at 120+!!

Give the stats a good going-over and let Adam know what you think!

Big it up for Adam! – Schwarzwalder


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7 thoughts on “Numbers Game – Consistability!”

    1. D Swallow’s 100% durability is due to 1 year of a 95+ avg playing 22 games but his career durability is 71.82 % (79/110)


    1. Thanks TDA. The minimum season averages for each position were 95+ for Mids/Ruck and 80+ for Def/Fwd which explains the confusion as the averages below the minimum were not included thus why Swallow has 100+ durability in his premium scoring history in comparison to his 71.82% durability over his career. The reason why there was a minimum set was so it will avoid their rookie years and heavily affected injury years thus not having a significant impact lowering their consistency and durability.


  1. Thanks Adam.

    I would be interested in LNeale’s numbers?

    3rd highest scoring MID last year.

    With Sandi and Fyfe back I think he will be top 8 again.

    If he was playing for the Pies he would have 40% ownership.

    I can’t really remember him missing too many games either.

    Be interested to read the numbers.

    Thanks again Adam, I’m really enjoying your Stats this year.



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