Only a slight concussion

Written by Big Sexy on June 20 2012

Adelaide Crows

Player Injury Estimated Return
Dylan Orval Knee 5-6 weeks
Graham Johncock Back Test
Jarrad Lyons Foot 2-3 weeks
Luke Brown Shoulder Test
Will Young Shoulder TBC

Brisbane Lions

Player Injury Estimated Return
Ash McGrath Knee Test
Brad Harvey Ankle Season
Brent Staker Knee Season
Bryce Retzlaff Knee Season
Jesse O’Brien Groin Test
Matthew Leuenberger Achilles Indefinite
Todd Banfield Stress reaction – fibula Test

Carlton (updated 12 June)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Andrew Carrazzo Shoulder Test
Bret Thornton Gluteal Strain Test
Heath Scotland Calf Test
Jarrad Waite Back 2 weeks
Jeremy Laidler Knee 2 weeks
Jordan Russell Hamstring Test
Levi Casboult Knee 3 weeks
Marc Murphy Shoulder 6-8 weeks
Marcus Davies Shoulder 4 weeks
Nick Heyne Hamstring 3 weeks
Sam Rowe Testicular Cancer Indefinite
Simon White Knee 7 weeks


Player Injury Estimated Return
Alan Didak Adductor 2 weeks
Alan Toovey Calf Test
Andrew Krakouer Knee Indefinite
Ben Johnson Shoulder Indefinite
Ben Reid Quadricep Test
Brent Macaffer Knee Indefinite
Heath Shaw Calf Test
Josh Thomas Foot Indefinite
Lachlan Keeffe Knee Season
Luke Ball Knee Season
Luke Rounds Calf Test
Scott Pendlebury Cracked Tibia 2 weeks

Essendon (updated 12 June)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Brent Prismall Knee TBA
David Zaharakis Quad TBA
Jason Winderlich Hamstring TBA

Fremantle (updated 12 June)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Aaron Sandilands Toe 10 weeks
Antoni Grover Hamstring Test
Jay van Berlo Shoulder Test
Jordan Wilson-King Shins 1 week
Josh Mellington Hamstring 4 weeks
Nat Fyfe Shoulder 6 weeks
Stephen Hill Ankle  Test
Viv Michie Foot TBC
Zac Dawson Knee 1-2 weeks

Geelong Cats

Player Injury Estimated Return
Daniel Menzel Knee Season
James Podsiadly Hip Test
Jordan Murdoch Finger Test
Josh Cowan Achilles Indefinite
Mathew Stokes Hamstring Test
Nathan Vardy Hip Indefinite
Travis Varcoe Foot Indefinite

Gold Coast Suns (updated 12 June)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Campbell Brown Shin/Knee TBA
Charlie Dixon Cheekbone Test
Daniel Gorringe Achilles Indefinite
David Swallow Knee 3-4 weeks
Dion Prestia Hamstring 2-4 weeks
Jaeger O’Meara Groin Test
Jarrod Harbrow Fractured Elbow 1-2 weeks
Jeremy Taylor Quad Test
Michael Coad Thumb 3-5 weeks
Nathan Bock Leg Season
Tom Lynch Foot 2-4 weeks

GWS Giants (updated 29 May)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Adam Kennedy Shoulder Test
Anthony Miles Knee 2 weeks
Dean Brogan Elbow 2 weeks
Israel Folau Hamstring 1 week
Josh Bruce Back 2 weeks 
Josh Growden Fractured Tibia & Fibula 6 weeks
Liam Sumner Stress Fracture – Foot 6 weeks
Rhys Cooyou Groin 3 weeks
Rhys Palmer Groin 1 week
Setanta O’hAilpin Knee Season
Steve Clifton Knee 2 weeks 

Hawthorn (updated 12 June)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Alex Woodward Knee Season
Broc McCauley Elbow 4-5 weeks
Chance Bateman AC Joint 1 week
Jarrad Boumann Appendix Test
Luke Hodge Knee 1-2 weeks
Max Bailey Wrist TBC
Michael Osborne Knee Season
Will Langford Shoulder 2-3 weeks
Xavier Ellis Knee 6-8 weeks


Player Injury Estimated Return
Brad Green Hip 2 weeks 
Clint Bartram Knee Test
Jack Fitzpatrick Diabetes Test
Liam Jurrah Ankle 2-4 weeks
Max Gawn Knee Season
Michael Evans Back 5-7 weeks
Neville Jetta Ankle 2-4 weeks
Ricky Petterd Hamstring Test
Rohan Bail Concussion Test
Rory Taggert  Back  Indefinite

North Melbourne (updated 5 June 2012)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Hamish McIntosh Knee 4-6 weeks

Port Adelaide

Player Injury Estimated Return
Hamish Hartlett Hamstring TBC
Jay Schulz Abdomen 3-4 weeks
Mitch Banner Knee 2-3 weeks
Nick Salter Foot Test
Robbie Gray Knee Season
Steven Salopek Knee TBC
Travis Boak Foot 2-3 weeks

Richmond (updated 5 June 2012)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Brad Helbig Foot Indefinite
Dylan Grimes Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Kelvin Moore Hip Test

St Kilda

Player Injury Estimated Return
Ahmed Saad Head knock Test
Jack Newnes Quad soreness Test
Jason Blake Concussion Test
Rhys Stanley Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Warrick Andreoli Shoulder TBC

Sydney Swans (updated 12 June)

Player Injury Estimated Return
Adam Goodes Quad 1-2 weeks
Gary Rohan Leg Season
Jed Lamb Shin 2 weeks
Jordan Lockyer Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Luke Parker Shoulder 4-5 weeks
Tom Mitchell Knee 1-2 weeks

West Coast Eagles

Player Injury Estimated Return
Andrew Embley Shoulder 3 weeks
Ash Smith Ankle Test
Blayne Wilson Ankle 12 weeks
Bradd Dalziell Knee 1 week
Josh Kennedy Ankle 9-10 weeks
Mark LeCras Knee Season
Mark Nicoski Hamstring 7-8 weeks
Sam Butler Hamstring Test
Scott Lycett Knee 8-10 weeks
Will Schofield Hamstring 2 weeks

Western Bulldogs

Player Injury Estimated Return
Dale Morris Leg Indefinite
James Mulligan Achilles 1 week
Tom Williams Shoulder 1 week



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17 thoughts on “Only a slight concussion”

  1. Was going to trade out Didak this week but seeing him listed as only 2 weeks makes me think about keeping him. Does anyone think that list is accurate and he could be in a few weeks?


  2. Shaw will be back this week so hopefully repay’s the faith with a 100. Buckethead said “Tooves was touch and go for the Melbourne game and Shawy’s been right to go for a fair deal of time. They’ve had some really solid training in them.” So he shouldn’t miss a beat.

    Really hard to get an idea on Zaha, rumours he’ll be back next week, others saying he reinjuried his quad last week and out for another 4 weeks starting now. Essendon get onto it, the teams should be fined or something for providing unrealiable information.



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