Original Line-Up 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 25 2017

Jonezy wants to know how much of your starting line-up has survived till Rd18 of the Supercoach season.

Team Schwarz, for example, still has eleven players from the Rd1 line-up with nine of those being ‘Premium’ picks (plus Jarrod Pickett & Strnadica with their DPP/loophole feature).  It’s been a terrible season which is why I used the quotation marks over the word Premium 😉  I also made the mistake of trading Rocky back in when he returned from his shoulder injury…….biggest regret of the season (so far).

So how many of your players have lasted the journey till now?  Tell Jonezy all about it below……..


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26 thoughts on “Original Line-Up 2017”

  1. It has certainly been an interesting season, I have 13 original “premium” picks still in my side. I have that word in inverted commas as they all began as premiums but not sure you can say the same about most of them now!

    Defenders – Laird, Adams, Shaw
    Midfielders – Dangerfield, Fyfe, Treloar, Selwood, Hannebery, Beams
    Rucks – Grundy
    Forwards – Macrae, Greene, Dahlhaus

    Will most likely be left with 12 post this week as I look to move Greene on.


  2. Def: Laid, Howe
    Mid: Danger, Treloar, Fyfe
    Ruck: Witts, Cameron
    Fwd:Macre, Dahlhaus, Buddy, Nank

    So 11, dam ive seen some names go over the year swear i haven’t looked back at pendles, hanners, beams, shaw, sandi or roughy…. but you know never trade premiums 🙂


    1. Also made two “correctional” trades at the start.
      Treloar to Murphy
      Stefan to Witts.

      With the cash I went
      Omeara to Adams
      Someone(can’t remember) to Yeo

      These 4 trades set me up for the year. Although I’m annoyed I didn’t just start Murphy and Witts to begin with


  3. 12 for me.

    Doc / laird / Hibberd (NM)

    Danger / Neale / Jellwood / Fyfe / JPK / Pickett

    Nank / Strandi



  4. Great question, really helps to see if you have set up your team initially.
    14 for me
    Mid Danger, Treloar, Ward, Kelly,Oliver, Fyfe
    Ruck Grundy Stanidica
    Fwd Dahlhaus,Nankervis.
    Lesson learned-if you select a premium stick with them. E.g. Ward who’s ave was under 90, 5 weeks ago was almost 140k under his initial price, has since ave 120, Fyfe the same.


  5. 14 for me, or 15 if you count Nth’s Hibberd who I starter with, traded out in Round 4 then traded back in Round 16

    DEF : Doc, Laird, Shaw, (Nth Hibberd)
    MID : Danger, Bont, J Selwood, Treloar, Fyfe
    RUCK : Witts, Strnadica
    FWD : Macrae, Dahl, Nank, Eddy

    Looking back at any regrets – probably trading out Newman too early in R11 but it did get me Adams so overall quite happy and I’m thankful that I’ve still got 6 trades up my sleeve. Will hopefully be playing finals in all 6 leagues.


  6. Is there any way to go back in time and see how your team looked in round 1? There are one or two players I need to check before I can give you an exact count.


    1. Jack, I just wrote down my team as it is now, then went back through my trades history and crossed off any traded in to see who was left…


      1. Go to game day and you can see your team and each team in your league for every round. Might have to be on Gold though??


    2. Thanks Lisa and JimmyDee.

      I’m counting 12 original selections who are still in my team, although that number includes players like Hibberd (NM) and Strnadica. If you limit the count to players in my best 22, that number goes down to 9. 8 if you exclude the injured Pendlebury.

      Perhaps this is why I ran out of trades so early?


  7. Great question Jonezy, was going to put this up myself for the start of the finals.

    I have eleven (you can guess I’m short on trades!!). Eight premos plus Nank (Danger, Titch, Kelly, Doc, Laird, Adams, Dahl, Macrae and two rooks still there – Lukehole and Hibberd whom I kept as a floating loophole. Handy now with Witherden.


    1. Thanks JimmyDee,

      I was just really curious to see how many players people got right at the start compared to where they are with trades.

      As this is the first year i went really mid price crazy (started with nank, steele, o’meara (fail), roughy, zak jones, witts and sandi) rather then all premiums and rookies like usual. The idea being that a few (hopefully) would remain either keepers such as witts or would be good bench cover come finals.

      Ive still got 11 starters. 9 premos (laird, adams, tuoy, danger, titch, fyfe, witts, dal & buddy) plus Nank and Captain Luke. Still 7 trades left

      Biggest regret has been selecting Rocky when he came back over Martin which ill finally rectify this round


  8. 12 for me.

    Laird, Adams, Hibberd (NM)
    Danger, JPK, Fyfe, Treloar
    Grundy, Strnadica
    Macrae, Dahlhaus, Nankervis

    Best thing I did from the above was stick with Laird and Adams. There was lots of pre-season talk about both of them being too injury-prone.
    Most stupid thing I did was start with Tuohy, then trade him out and trade him back in again then trade him out again. 2 trades wasted.


  9. Def: Adams, Laird, Hurley
    Mid: Dangerfield, Kennedy, Fyfe, Priddis
    Ruck: Stranadica
    Fwd: Macrae, Dahlhuas, Cameron

    11 for me. dissappointed that i’ve held on to so many underperforming mids but i’ve had too many issues elsewhere to make the switch



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