Count The Donuts

Written by Motts on 7:13 pm, June 4 2012

How many trades you making this week?

And knowing what you know about this week’s teams right now (ie Pendles, Lewis, Scotland out, Smedts probably in), how many donuts are you planning on playing with in R11?

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Coaches have given 42 responses.

Motts Movers R10 – The Forwards

Written by Motts on 3:02 pm, June 4 2012

The real world will once again impact my ability to get the Movers posts out again this week so I’m going to rely on the SC nouse of the good readers of this site to help me out.

Lets start with the Forwards. Give me 1-3 Premiums, Midpricer, and Value Picks.

Footnote: The Don! did such a great job below I’ve moved his analysis into the post.


Buddy Franklin … $575,200 – Just a lazy 236 from him last week. Boosts his 3R average up to 136,

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Coaches have given 43 responses.

Trade Talk R11

Written by Motts on 7:58 am, June 4 2012

There were some stunning performances over the weekend. And some absolute shockers.

As we head into the first of the 3 bye rounds, will you be trading like crazy to stay competitive? Or will you be putting a lock on the T button and hoping for the best?

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Final Sunday Teams

Written by Motts on 5:23 pm, June 1 2012

Brisbane Lions v West Coast Eagles

G – Sun Jun 03, 1:10pm

Brisbane Lions

B: Ashley McGrath, Matt Maguire, Ryan Lester

HB: Mitchell Golby, Joel Patfull, Josh Drummond

C: Pearce Hanley, Daniel Rich, Jed Adcock

HF: Jack Redden, Jonathan Brown, Dayne Zorko

F: Rohan Bewick, Daniel Merrett, Aaron Cornelius

Foll: Ben Hudson, Tom Rockliff, Andrew Raines

I/C: James Polkinghorne, Niall McKeever, Jared Polec, Joshua Green

Emg: Claye Beams, Patrick Karnezis, Elliot Yeo

In: Niall McKeever, Jared Polec,

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Last Minute Decisions

Written by Motts on 12:00 pm, June 1 2012

OK you’ve known the teams for over 12 hours. You’ve made a couple of trades, reversed them, made different ones, reversed them, and now you’re sitting with the same team you had last Sunday night.

What’s burning you up?

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Captain Fantastic

Written by Motts on 6:00 am, June 1 2012

With Duck off to Thailand (lock up your daughters, Bangkok!) for a couple of weeks, I’ve taken the reins again for another captaincy poll.

You want options? I’ll give you options! If you can’t find a captain amongst the blokes below you’re either crazy or are planning on taking one helluva risk on the weekend.

Who’s score will you be doubling up?

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The Teams R10

Written by Big Sexy on 6:00 pm, May 31 2012

Stevo takes the crown this week. Stay classy, Stevo.


ES – Fri Jun 01, 7:50pm

St Kilda
B: Jason Gram, Sam Gilbert, Tom Simpkin
HB: Sean Dempster, James Gwilt, Brendon Goddard
C: Nick Dal Santo, Lenny Hayes, Farren Ray
HF: Jack Steven, Nick Riewoldt, Terry Milera
F: Stephen Milne, Justin Koschitzke, Leigh Montagna
Foll: Jason Blake, David Armitage, Clinton Jones
I/C: Jamie Cripps, Arryn Siposs, Ahmed Saad, Jack Newnes
Emg: Raphael Clarke, Adam Schneider, Beau Wilkes
In: Jack Newnes
Out: Jarryn Geary (Injured)

B: Steven Morris,

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Coaches have given 159 responses.

Motts Movers R9, 2012 – The Rucks

Written by Motts on 2:00 pm, May 31 2012


Ivan Maric ($560,800, 110.78, 47) – Holy crap he’s had a superb last month. 129, 119, 137, 146. Only one player edges him over that time and that’s Sidebum. All hail the mighty Ivan.

Paddy Ryder ($523,200, 112.22, 97) – Now his contract’s signed look for a drop off in performance. Similar to people who work out right up until their wedding day.


Todd Goldstein ($458,000, 85.86, 26) – Playing in the ruck solo has brought his confidence back and consequently his scores are sky high again.

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Coaches have given 32 responses.