SCT Girl’s League

Written by Motts on 6:15 pm, February 14 2011

Only 3 spots left so get in quick, girls.

League Code: 982016 – no blokes need apply

PS: Is Brayden a girl’s name? I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it isn’t so there could be 4 spots available.

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Rustee’s GC SuperCoach Players

Written by Motts on 11:11 am, February 13 2011

Our thanks to regular contributor and champion all-round bloke, Rustee, for spending his afternoon yesterday putting this together so that we’re all a little more informed about The Suns. Here are the 10 he thinks you need to be considering starting:

1. David Swallow
Price: $188,600
Info – Some see this guy as just another overpriced number 1 draft pick, well this kid is more then that not only did he finish 4th in the VFL B&F but he had a massive average for a 17 year old of 96.13 PPG. This kid is way underpriced in my mind and you shouldn’t have to ask yourself the question ‘Yes or No’

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In Da Club

Written by Motts on 10:40 am, February 13 2011

Watched the games last night from the luxury of The Diamond Club. If you ever get the chance, don’t knock it back. Ripping way to watch footy. Here’s the view.

On another note, I heard again last night the rumour that C Judd has an issue. The club has denied it but you’ve gotta be thinking that where there’s smoke…..

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SCT Girls League

Written by Motts on 2:58 pm, February 12 2011

SCT’s favourite chick, Richo, has started up a league for ladies. The code is 982016. So if you’re female and looking for some girl-on-girl action (sorry, I just can’t help myself) feel free to join.

Any blokes that join will be removed so please don’t waste your time, fellas.

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Sylvia v McGlynn

Written by Motts on 9:55 am, February 12 2011

Both DPP’s, both playing for teams with both byes in non head-to-head rounds, both will be there for all 4 finals matches if you make it all the way through. Who gets the nod?

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SuperCoach Selection Strategy

Written by Motts on 9:47 pm, February 11 2011

I was more than a little impressed with catblitz’s comment this afternoon on selection strategy. Clearly he’s put more than a little thought into it. It deserved it’s own post. Make sure you’re sitting down before starting though – the first sentence is a doozy.

“Wilson $270,200 if not injured and plays regular games for wce which i believe he will if not injured he can ave around 70pts per week it actually cost you around $370,000 for a player who scores you 70 points per a game so in 10 weeks time if he doesnt get injured i will make $100k,

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SuperCoach Talk Forum

Written by Duck on 1:05 pm, February 11 2011

We’ve had a request here at SCTalk to allow you guys to interact with each other a bit more and start your own discussions.

Well, in the interest of keeping you guys happy, we’ve delivered and up the top you’ll now see a brand new tab called Forum.

At the moment we’ve got the following topics;

Rate My Team – Post your team and get others to suggest changes, review other coaches teams and get some inspiration.

Players & Trade Talk – Specific discussion on player versus player,

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