The Dream Team

Written by Big Sexy on 1:55 pm, March 21 2011

It occurred to me during discussion in a post a couple of weeks back that everyone should go into SC with a goal… an end-game. Where do you want to be, and who do you want in your team come finals? There is a good chance if you have a clear understanding of where you want to go, it will assist defining what you start with. So here are my two Dream Teams following the two main defining theory’s kicking around:

Theory 1: I don’t care if I have players that have a bye during finals (but will limit).

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Hurley v Higgins

Written by Motts on 6:00 am, March 21 2011

They’ll both play in your forward line. They’ll both DPP to elsewhere on the field (Higgins to the midfield, Hurley back). They both, um, start with H. Pick one.

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A Mid-Pricer Team

Written by Motts on 4:12 pm, March 20 2011

Put some thought into a decent mid-pricer team this afternoon. What do you think of this?

DEF: B. Goddard, B. Deledio, G. Broughton, P. Duffield, J. Grimes, M. Hurley, A. Otten (D. Heppell, N. Duigan, P. Puopolo)
MID: C. Judd, J. Kennedy, S. Higgins, R. Sloane, L. Anthony, D. Swallow (D. Harris, S. Buckley, J. Irons)
RUC: A. Sandilands, M. Jamar (D. Petrie, B. McCauley)
FWD: N. Riewoldt, L. Franklin, C. Knights, P. Dangerfield, C. Yarran, P. Veszpremi, A. Krakouer (B. Matera, S. McKernan, C. Richardson)

CASH LEFT: $102,200 (plenty for that first upgrade)

Yes it has some guns in it but you’re not going to win games without them.

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Watson v A Swallow

Written by Motts on 12:00 pm, March 20 2011

Lets assume you’re prepared to make a sideways trade later in the season so you don’t have to play without a gun during SC Finals. Which if these two blokes would you grab now?

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Gimme a C!

Written by Motts on 9:22 am, March 20 2011

Lets assume the bloke you gave the Vice Captaincy to on Thursday night hasn’t performed for you. Who will you bestow the Big C on come Friday?

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Burgoyne v Boyd

Written by Motts on 5:00 pm, March 19 2011

Your first 2 midfield guns are sorted and you’re now looking at the M3 position. You’re looking for someone that’s going to set you apart. Someone that is a proven performer. Someone that will play for you in the finals. Someone that is valued relatively cheaply.

I’m struggling to pick these 2 apart. How about you?

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