Rich v Cotchin

Written by Motts on 4:30 pm, March 22 2011

Rich went with pick 7 in 2008 (behind Yarran), Cotchin with pick 2 in 2007 (behind Kreuzer). Cotch averaged in the 60’s his first 2 years before stepping up last year. Rich exploded onto the scene with an 85 average in 2009 before dropping slightly last year. Down in Melbourne we’re not hearing a lot about Rich but clearly he’s still pretty potent. Who do you like more?

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The Twitterverse

Written by Motts on 3:14 pm, March 22 2011

Some interesting AFL tweets coming out this afternoon – thought I’d share a couple with you:

AFL_KatrinaGill Katrina Gill – a reporter with

Neil Craig has used Andy Otten as an example of the “perfect substitute player”… could wreak havoc on Dream Teams across the country!

m0nty Paul Montgomery

Alright, I’ve cut my Dream Team GC exposure down to eight Suns. My bench looks like a Communist Party demonstration.

Robbo_heraldsun Mark Robinson

SC war in office. Quick scan of PCs caught Gullan, Ralph, Sammy, Warner, Stevo, Jay C and Matt W all tinkering. Read the full article

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Mitchell v Sewell

Written by Motts on 1:18 pm, March 22 2011

A couple of stars of Hawthorn’s recent past here. Who do you think will go better in 2011? Format is name (price, 2010 average, 2011 preseason average)

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A Blended Team

Written by Motts on 11:32 am, March 22 2011

In the last of my examples of teams I present to you a blended team. The key features are: you’ve got guns, mid-pricers who are considered bargains, DPP’s, and rookies that should get early games.


B. Goddard (C) (MID),

B. Deledio (MID),

P. Duffield,

J. Grimes,

S. Hurn,

J. Adcock,

D. Stanley

(S. McKernan (FWD), N. Duigan (E), N. Lower)


S. Pendlebury,

A. Goodes (FWD),

T. Cotchin,

S. Higgins (FWD),

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Harvey v Fyfe

Written by Motts on 7:34 am, March 22 2011

So your team’s all locked in and your happy with it, huh? Well allow me to shine the light on a couple of blokes you probably haven’t given a lot of thought to.

Both are F/M DPP’s and both had outstanding preseasons. In fact, I’ve broken with convention this morning to show in brackets after their names (their price, their 2011 preseason average).

Who do you like more?

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SuperCoach Strategy – A G’n’R Team

Written by Motts on 7:30 pm, March 21 2011

Well here it is. An example of a pure Guns & Rookies team. It uses a healthy amount of DPP’s to give you that extra flexibility you need to cover byes and contains some of the greatest players in the game today.

DEF: B. Goddard (Mid) (VC), B. Gibbs (Mid), G. Broughton, J. Grimes, A. Otten, N. Duigan, N. Lower (M. Coad, J. Toy, P. Puopolo (E))

MID: D. Swan (C), J. Selwood, M. Boyd, A. Goodes (Fwd), D. Heppell (Bac), R. Conca (D. Swallow, D. Harris, J. Irons (E))

RUC: A. Sandilands, D.

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The Comprehensive SuperCoach Strategy Post

Written by Motts on 5:00 pm, March 21 2011

All the SC nuts on this site have been mulling over the best strategy for 2011 for a couple of months now. But what if you’ve only just discovered us? First of all, welcome to the site! I think you’ll find us all pretty friendly and helpful if you have genuine questions you need answered.

So you’ve left it ’til the last week and now you need a crash course in how to lay out your team? Well, here’s what we’ve been discussing.

First up, check some advice for winning your league.

Maybe you want to win everything,

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The Dream Team

Written by Big Sexy on 1:55 pm, March 21 2011

It occurred to me during discussion in a post a couple of weeks back that everyone should go into SC with a goal… an end-game. Where do you want to be, and who do you want in your team come finals? There is a good chance if you have a clear understanding of where you want to go, it will assist defining what you start with. So here are my two Dream Teams following the two main defining theory’s kicking around:

Theory 1: I don’t care if I have players that have a bye during finals (but will limit).

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