The Mighty Ducks ’11

Written by Duck on 12:24 pm, March 24 2011

Here’s my boys for this season.

BACKS – Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Enright, Gilbee, A Otten, Toy – Hibberd, Puopolo (E), M Otten

MIDS – J Selwood (VC), Murphy, Pendelbury(C), Swallow, Pavlich, Heppell – Harris (E), Savage, Curnow

RUCKS – Sandilands, Jolly – Smith, Derickx

FORWARDS – N Riewoldt, Didak, Rioli, Petrie, Krakouer, Prestia, Richardson – Smith, Darling (E), Schneider

$64,800 left in the bank.

Will need to confirm a few blokes (Enright … did i hear correct he was injured?) when teams are out tonight but that should be it,

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Game Preview – Carlton v Richmond

Written by Motts on 9:51 am, March 24 2011

Our thanks to site champion, Rustee, for throwing this together for us. Love your work, Rus.


Thursday 24th of March 2011, 7:40 PM – MCG

Pre-season form

Carlton- W L W W L

Richmond- L L W L L

Injury Lists


Matthew Kreuzer (knee) – 2-3 weeks

Luke Mitchell (shoulder) – 1 weeks

Satanta O’hAlpin- TBA


Mitch Farmer (ankle) – TBA

The match

With rumours circulating around both camps that stars are under injury clouds (Brett Deledio and Marc Murphy),

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The Maulers ’11

Written by Motts on 11:20 pm, March 23 2011


  • B Goddard (MID) – A Must have – first bloke picked
  • B Gibbs (MID) – Expected to be the go-through man for the Blues, will marshall the defence and spend time in the middle – its unfortunate I’ll have to save a trade to bump him out when the Blues have their bye in SC finals but that’s why they gave you extra trades this year.
  • G Broughton – A ball magnet in the Freo backline, averaged 98.6 his first 2 years in the league.
  • J Grimes – Had a superb preseason averaging 124 and gets a ton of it in the Melbourne backline.

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Last Minute Nerves?

Written by Motts on 10:13 pm, March 23 2011

I don’t know about you but I hate these partial lockouts. I’ll be out having a drink before tomorrow night’s game when the final teams come out and then I’ll be madly scrambling with my phone trying to trade players in and out via the fiddly SC app. All the while trying to hold a conversation about the viability of a carbon tax how we’re going to play against belt Richmond.

For all those coaches looking for last minute advice, here are my golden tips:

  • Avoid more than 3 premiums from the one team unless you’re only trying to win your league and those teams are Fremantle,

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Carlton v Richmond – The Teams

Written by Motts on 7:39 pm, March 23 2011

Our thanks to Cameron – FKA Cam for getting these up tonight:


B: Christopher Yarran, Bret Thornton, Nick Duigan

HB: Jordan Russell, Simon White, Kane Lucas

C: Heath Scotland, Bryce Gibbs, Jeremy Laidler

HF: Kade Simpson, Jarrad Waite, Andrew Walker

F: Jeffrey Garlett, Shaun Hampson, Eddie Betts

Foll: Marc Murphy, Chris Judd, Robert Warnock

I/C: Andrew Carrazzo, Dennis Armfield, Mitch Robinson, Edward Curnow

Emg: Lachlan Henderson, Andrew Collins, Matthew Watson

New: Jeremy Laidler (Geelong), Nick Duigan (Pembroke College/Norwood), Edward Curnow (Box Hill Hawks)


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Multi Betting On AFL Football

Written by Duck on 2:40 pm, March 23 2011

Post Updated – Started fixing up the maths then it got all too hard. Should have used Excel in the first instance. I guess the hedging every leg does get too expensive and if the odds aren’t favourable then it gets out of the question. Laying off against the last leg or 2 only or picking a 5 way multi with all bets being shortest odds and laying off as required on better paying onces would be more favourable. Thanks for the comments guys.

I’d been meaning to write a few posts on some betting strategies i employ each season,

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All Nab Cup SC scores – download to keep

Written by Big Sexy on 1:15 pm, March 23 2011

I have taken the liberty of downloading the SC scores of the NAB Cup games for every player, for every game (excluding challenge games), whacked them into excel ready for you to download and keep on hand during the season…. i.e. Someone is about to play their first game in Round 13 and you want to know how they went…. then walah, have a peek at your spreadsheet.

Click here to download:  Excel – SC NAB Cup scores 2011

I have also put in a filter, so you can click the down-arrow at the top of the column and sort buy team,

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Cyril – Not So Delicious?

Written by Motts on 9:40 am, March 23 2011

Just received a heads-up on Rioli from Daniel:

“Clarkson said after a Hawks nab match that Cyril won’t play midfield. They already have Hodge, Sewell, Lewis, Bruce, Mitchell etc”

I asked if he had a link to back up his claims.

“It was on SEN 1116 radio station after they beat Melbourne. I think he had almost 30 possessions and Andrew Gaze (also a Hawks fan) questioned Clarko on it and he said great game but he won’t stay in the midfield, may get patches for ration purposes but not often.

If this is true,

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