Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves

Written by Duck on 4:56 pm, March 8 2011

SuperCoach Talk’s very own (slight embellishment) Carolyn, Aka “The No Judds” has made it all the way into the Herald Sun with her plight to beat the guys she works with. It’s great to see the girls getting involved in this fantastic competiton, we here at SCTalk can’t encourage them enough!

If your other half is sick of you spending countless hours in front of the computer, night after night, massaging your boys …. then why not suggest she join in the fun?!

I’m looking forward to see how Carolyn goes against the lads this year,

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Playing For $

Written by Motts on 3:00 pm, March 8 2011

(Subtitle: How to make money from your love of SuperCoach)

I’ve been a fantasy footy coach for quite a few years. I haven’t bothered to count how many but when I first started, Nutri Grain were sponsoring DT. Of course, as soon as SC began I made the switch. We all know its a better competition.

A number of boys have been playing with me from the start. Duck for one. Along the way, we’ve had others join our league so that we no longer have the league populated with the nuffies that are allocated to you if you don’t fill up all the spots.

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2010 Injured Players

Written by Motts on 9:22 am, March 8 2011

We all know Walesy does some great work over at Too Serious. I was having a browse this morning and spotted a post which I thought you’d find interesting on the discounts that have been applied to the players that were injured last year. Enjoy.


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Dangerfield Vs Higgins

Written by Big Sexy on 6:30 am, March 8 2011

The battle of the cut-price Mid/Fwd DPP. Both have skill, both will play every week if fit… factoring in a 40k difference…. Some of you will have neither, some will have one… others both…. who would you choose if you had to?

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J Selwood v Bartel

Written by Motts on 12:30 pm, March 7 2011

Another intra-club midfield battle. Joel’s scores towards the end of last year were off the chart. But Jimmy’s a cheap Brownlow medallist who can still turn it on. Who do you think is better value?

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The Big Bang Theory

Written by Big Sexy on 9:59 am, March 7 2011

….. Well it’s a ‘theory’, put together by avid reader Catblitz.  He’s gone to a lot of trouble and I thought worthy of it’s own post….. so feel free to analyse, comment…. or pick apart.

I truly believe this year going with a mid-ranged could pay of quite handsomely

At the moment, I’m thinking in Defense, your mid-range hopes are:

Grimes, Connors, Urquhart, N Krakouer, Astbury, R Tarrant (if he stays away from injuries)

If they steer clear of injuries, all of the above are genuine players who will start in their prospective 22’s and will improve as the year goes by.

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