Movers and Shakers

Written by Motts on 3:14 am, May 6 2009

I’ve been running the glasses over who’s moving and shaking in the country’s best fantasy football league this week and a couple of fellas that may come into trade consideration for you this week if you’re looking to trade young Gary out of your midfield are Farren Ray and Mark Coughlan. Both will free up a ton of coin for you and both are travelling pretty well at the minute.

Ray has been playing like a man possessed – which isn’t unusual for blokes playing in new colours (unless your name is Jordan McMahon). He’s great overhead and he’s got a huge motor on him.

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To Gablett or not to Gablett

Written by Duck on 2:45 am, May 6 2009

The big question on everyone’s lips is whether to trade out Ablett Junior. The little master has been given a 2-3 week rest due to an aductor strain and for those with slim pickings on their midfield bench it poses a potentiall season defining decision.

I am fortunate to have depth in the midfield but could not help but look at the possibilities that a trade for the great man would bring. You can have your pick of any player in the competition and still have plenty of change in the bank. Job done. It could however provide you with a good opportunity to trade up on aย  player like Dangerfield from the Crows.

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