Pav v Boomer

Written by Motts on February 10 2012

Matthew Pavlich – current captain, huge motor, tearing up the training track by all reports, M/F DPP, finished last season scoring 117, 96, and 115 in Rounds 19, 20 & 21, 30 years old (with, interestingly, a NYE birthday), average since 2005 (when SC started): 107.3, has missed 9 games in that time.

Brent Harvey – recent ex-captain (and we all know how Sam Mitchell responded to having the captaincy taken off him last year), huge motor, M/F DPP, finished last season scoring 122 & 165 in Rounds 22 & 24, 33 years old,  average since 2005 (when SC started): 103.6, has missed 7 games (in 2009) in that time.

Who would you take out of these 2 old warhorses?

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7 thoughts on “Pav v Boomer”

  1. Boomer is a little too risky for my liking. His endurance is undeniable and his average impressive, but inconsistency has crept into his game over the past two years and I get the feeling that the end is near.

    For me, the bigger question is Pav vs Goodes.



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