PC4 Group Bets

Written by Motts on October 9 2014

What does everyone think of this plan:

For the $75 worth of “normal” bets we allocate it as follows:

  • $25 to Andy B
  • $25 to Schwarzwalder
  • $25 on the cricket

For the $200 in bonus bets that Nath The Legend gave us we go:

  • $20 on Caulfield Guineas
  • $30 on Caulfield Cup
  • $30 on Cox Plate
  • $20 on Vic Derby
  • $60 on Melbourne Cup
  • $20 on VRC Oaks
  • $20 on Stakes



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9 thoughts on “PC4 Group Bets”

  1. Yeah that all sounds good Motts with Andy B & Schwarzy betting $25 each as two of the most successful punters of PC4.

    With the cricket bet I reckon $20 on 4-0 and a saver of $5 on 3-0.

    I like the idea of polls for all of the major races. However I would pull back the Melbourne Cup to $40 , and the Caulfield Cup and Cox plate to $20 and use the $40 on 2 horses in each of the Caulfield Cup and Cox plate into 2 horses in the Melbourne Cup for multiple $5 Cups and Cox plate Melbourne Cup doubles which will add up to the $40.


  2. Motts another option is if we run a poll for the $40 of doubles. Then we have $160 left which enables you if you like to nominate a person a week for a $10 bet on the major race that week as well as the punter that is up. If we do polls most likely it will be the favourite. With us having 17 punters now Geoff and me will agree on something for $10.
    Also you will need to nominate a further 3 punters for the Melbourne Cup. I think this could possibly be the best way to do it rather than polls each week and punters all get a free $10 bet in their own right.


  3. Anyone with any good things for this weekend for suggestions for my $25 bet. Just had a look there and only a small few jumping out at me:-
    -Whincupp to win Bathurst
    -1st = 1. Whincup / Dumbrell, 2nd = 888. Lowndes / Richards, 3rd = 22. Courtney / Murphy @ 34.00
    -David Villa to score 2 or more goals v Sydney
    -Draw between Newcastle Utd & Leicester
    -EW on Almalad
    -Adelaide Utd to win away

    Will have a better look tomorrow, but happy for any suggestions or proposals for doing double / treble bets on above + other suggestions


  4. All good here mate, will we be doing poles on the races to decide who we bet on.

    Motts I am all onboard for the GG’S the other stuff is just to hard and confusing. More Joy out of watching the horses go round.


  5. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m sure I can find a way to spend that if there aren’t any objections. Just Euro-Qualifiers on the football this week so Motts, I’ll send through some bets for next weekend. Might still do some cups doubles (youtube is a great way to catch up on the lead-up races). Maybe just push me back in the pecking order for PC5, let some of the new guys have a dig early on. Someone had to make the ‘executive decision’ with the cash from Nath the Legend, don’t see anything wrong with that. Fingers crossed for Hawker this weekend………..



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