PC4 – The Results

Written by Motts on October 6 2014

In what was our best season on the Punters Club we’ve actually made a profit for the first time ever! We started with $715 and ended up with $870.

This was almost single handedly due to the heroic efforts of Andy B who won just over $433 in 4 innings. Magnificent work, AB. Can’t wait to see how you’ll back up in Spring.

Other punters who did a great job for us were Bob who nailed $175 and Schwarzwalder who bagged $130. sodes and Raj contributed $105 between them and we picked up $26 on Germany in the World Cup (yes, PC4 has been going for THAT long!).

$870 between 16 punters means we’ve gone up to $50 each next time around plus we’ll have $70 to put a group bet or a number of group bets on.

Open to suggestions for the group bet, but here’s a few options:

  • Caulfield Guineas winner
  • Caulfield Cup winner
  • Cox Plate winner
  • Melbourne Cup winner
  • International Rules winner (both teams paying $1.90 today)
  • Big Bash winner
  • Australia v India in the cricket
  • Whatever Andy B wants

Let me know your thoughts in Comments.

Great job, boys, let’s double the kitty this time around! First up for us in PC5 this week with the Caulfield and 1,000 Guineas running is……….. Hawker.

If anyone new wants in, the buy-in is $55. Register your interest in Comments.


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11 thoughts on “PC4 – The Results”

  1. Nice work!! I’d suggest a few “Cups Doubles” for the group bets this time round. The odds are always decent. Only problem is that I’m so out of touch with the nags atm. So I’d integrate another of those suggestions and jump on Andy B’s (and The Death Adder’s) selections. Good move / bad move?


  2. Great PC4 turned a profit and thanks to the punters who carried the rest of us in PC4.
    As for a group bet any futures bets on the nags are a good interest and value.
    I think we should also consider a bet on the Aussies to whitewash the Test series against India 4-0 at $5.00 and possibly a saver at 3-0 at $5 factoring in a possible washout. The Indians were poor at best against the Poms and never handle our bouncier pitches.


  3. Forgot too add I agree with Schwarzy & I think anything Andy B likes is a must and he has earnt It if he chooses to accept and if everyone is happy for him to have $10-$20 on whatever he likes or fancies.


  4. Glad we made some money on PC4 – well done everyone. Huge wins on PC5 is going to get us enough for a greyhound! Thanks for the confidence in me above, but footie (AFL) + a bit of EPL is my normal lucky sports to bet on.
    Like the suggestion above for looking ahead at the next few weeks & coming up with some suggestions of ‘good things’ and then do a few group doubles & multi’s. Schwarzwalder knows his German football, i can research some high probability chances of draws in EPL & a good few seem to know the nags.
    Motts, any luck with us putting subtle pressure on Sportingbet for the free bets??


  5. PC5 Group bet’s. I know nothing about your nags, but will go with the flow if that’s what everyone wants.

    How about the Hawks to win in 2015 at 3/1?



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