Perfect 9 – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 13 2018

Chances are slim to nil that anyone will ever win the Perfect 9……..but it will cost you absolutely nothing to enter and the Jackpot is up to $240k.  Well done to Jack The Salamander, his group is already up at #1!!

For what it’s worth, here are my tips for Rd4:


COL vs ADEBryce Gibbs

GWS vs FREStephen Coniglio

RIC vs  BRLDustin Martin

WBD vs SYDLuke Parker

NTH vs CAR Todd Goldstein

WCE vs GCSAndrew Gaff

ESS vs PTAOllie Wines

HAW vs MELTom Mitchell

GEE vs STKPatrick Dangerfield


Good luck, Coaches!



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5 thoughts on “Perfect 9 – Rd4”

  1. Has the Perfect 9 overall ranking system been cahnged to perfect picks this year?

    I swear last year was overall points because i spent a chunk of time as #1 overall before finishing about 12th or so.

    Must of missed joining Jack’s group as well unfortunately.

    My picks:
    COL vs ADE – Sloane
    GWS vs FRE – Fyfe
    RIC vs BRL – Martin
    WBD vs SYD – Franklin
    NTH vs CAR – Goldstein
    WCE vs GCS – Lyons
    ESS vs PTA – R Gray
    HAW vs MEL – Mitchell
    GEE vs STK – Dangerfield


    1. Edit* (edit button not working for me)

      Just looking now it seems there is only round ranks and they have scrapped the overall rank as it doesn’t really mean anything? Unless im completely blind and cant see it !



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