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Written by Schwarzwalder on February 2 2018

Catta is always keen to get your input on the Perfect Team.  The last stop on our journey……the Forward line.  A lot of the players are on modified programs over the pre-season, will be interesting to see which way the SCT Coaches vote on this one.

Which SIX Forwards would you pick right now for the entire season?


Which SIX players would you select in the FWD line for your Perfect Team?

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20 thoughts on “Perfect Team – FWD”

  1. Of the top 10 most expensive:

    Menagola – scores really well when one of the other premium mids are out, would expect Gaz to have an affect.
    Buddy – Surgery on both knees during the off-season.
    Heeney – Knee surgery during the off-season.
    Greene – Broken toe in December, still not running fully. Bound to get suspended at some point too.
    JJK – Ankle surgery in off-season, still in rehab.
    Wingard – Early bye, more likely best to be a wait and see case to see how Rockliff affects the mid rotations.
    Billings – One of the only locks for me.
    Gray – Early bye, more likely best to be a wait and see case to see how Rockliff affects the mid rotations.
    Dixon – Early bye, but could be a smokey. Could get more serviceable entry with a full fit Rocky/Gray rotating through the mid.
    Dahlhaus – Poor back half of 2017 as he was pushed forward, could this be his role in 2018 again?

    History says 5 of those will drop from the top 10 and another 5 will replace them. Don’t ask me which ones it’ll be, god knows….


      1. The Rd10 bye (GC/Port) is still best 22. You’ll have to field a rookie that week to cover. General consensus last year was unless they are under priced premiums and the net cash gets you more points before the bye, they are better upgrade targets Rd11 onwards to get the extra premium over the main byes.


      2. All scores count. The R10 BYE round only has PORT / GCS out, so it doesn’t count as an official BYE round like the others.

        So, it’s just like any normal round, and you’ll cop a donut if you can’t field 18 players (which is especially relevant for Ryder in the RUCK position).


    1. Great comments Hutta!

      Does scooter injured mean more mid time for Menegola? I can see him as a top eight fwd but he is expensive for the risk.


      1. Is there room for all of Gaz, Selwood, Danger, Duncan and Menegola to all score well through the midfield? Gut says probably not and Menegola probably the most likely to lose some minutes IMO. Won’t be surprised if I’m wrong though he’s a very likely type and still early in his career.


    2. So Hutta when you say “god knows …” should we ask GAJ???

      Haha sorry Hutta I couldn’t resist! Really good comments / info mate!!


  2. Toby Mclean for me, 93 average after his move to the midfield last season, solid upwards trend the last 3 years. Fair shot at 95+ with a permanent midfield role.


    1. T McLean:
      Post Bye Avg: 93 from 12

      Pre Bye Contested Possession Rate: 35.77% (49/137)
      Post Bye Contested Possession Rate: 41.52% (120/289)

      Pre Bye Time on Ground: 71.71% from 7
      Post Bye Time on Ground: 79.5% from 12

      SC avg when Contested Possessions above season avg: 96.5 from 10 (2/10 below 80, 4/10 100+)

      SC avg when Disposals above season avg: 99.4 from 10 (2/10 below 80, 4/10 100+)


  3. Given the uncertainty around FWD premos, would it make sense to fill your MIDs with premos from the start and favour rookies in FWD, then gradually upgrade them through the season?


  4. Surprised at the lack of love for Gunston – and other consistent scorers like Wallis. Yeah they might not be top 4 but they should be safe top 10 fwd on total points come years end. In a year where every potential top FWD has some big risk associated Im basically picking my F4-6 first and waiting to pick who turns out in form.


  5. Going for Waite to start the season..pretty easy point scoring options for the first cluster of matches…Yep he’s risky…yep he injures easily…yep he gets suspended a bit….and yep he can forget how to kick straight…but….he can post some big scores and will be my early POD…or early demise…


  6. Deledio not even on the list. Pfft. He was the most expensive player at the start of last year. Better chance being top 6 than roughhead



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