Planning Ahead 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 25 2016

If you’re like me, you’ve already pencilled in a few names for Supercoach 2017.ย  What names are showing up on your initial lists for next season and why?ย  I’m guessing Cripps and The Bont will be a couple of popular blokes…………


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20 thoughts on “Planning Ahead 2017”

  1. Starting prices are all-important of course, but here’s a few names on the hit list for the Champs in 2017….

    D: Docherty, Shaw, Laird
    M: Dangerfield, JPK (I’m getting on him for the Brownlow now, he has to win one eventually), Neale, Cripps, The Bont, Treloar maybe?
    R: Gawn and Grundy locked in S&F
    F: Not sure yet, will depend a lot on DPP status. Barlow if he gets traded?

    Names I’ve already put a line through – Houli (too inconsistent), Ablett (too injured), anyone with a history of recent injury, Goldstein (knee problems in ruckmen are bad news), NicNat (sad face), BRODIE SMITH!, McVeigh, Mitch Robinson (and anyone else who could be a potential tagger).


  2. Cripps 100%
    Gray if he gets DPP (which he should)
    Bont if he is cheap enough
    O’meara, should be super cheap.
    Swallow, same as O’meara
    Parker if he gets DPP (Doubt it but it’s worth a shit, right?)


  3. Current structure I would like to adopt but is dependent on pricing.
    Def: J Johannisen, R Laird, J MacMillan, H Shaw, J Thurlow, T McKenzie, C Hampton, N Newman,
    Mid: P Dangerfield, J Selwood, S Pendlebury, D Hannebery, M Bontempelli, N Fyfe, D Beams, J Oโ€™Meara, D Myers, N Freeman, rookie,
    Ruck: T Goldstein, M Gawn, rookie
    Fwds: H Bennell, J Roughead, J Elliot, D Sheed, B Jack, K Turner, M White, C McCarthy

    My plan is to start with 7 or 8 midfield premiums as they should all average around 110 which means 770 between them each week plus a captains score which takes it to 900. With the amount of premiums in the midfield I shouldn’t need to worry about upgrading early on and if there is an injury D Myers can come off the bench and replace them. Set and forget in the rucks with T Goldstein and M Gawn but Sandilands is very enticing. I’m hesitant to start him but wouldn’t mind starting with him on the bench if he is below 310,000.
    Backline consists of Shaw, Laird and Johannisen who should all easily average over 90. With the news of North Melbourne not offering contracts to Harvey and Dal Santo MacMillan should be able to get increased midfield minutes and continue his late season form. Thurlow and McKenzie should both be priced around or below 220,000 due to injuries. Both are capable of averaging 75+ and also C Hampton on the bench who should debut for Adelaide next year after an injury interrupted season. Due to the amount of premiums on these lines the forward line will start very weak but Bennell and Roughead are both capable of a 95+ average and should be priced around 300-350,000. Elliot at 250,000 due to an injury interrupted season is heavily discounted from his 80+ average in 2015. The rest of the forward line consists of players who have all played less than 5 games or no games this season and will be heavily discounted.

    Other players I’m considering
    Defence: H Shaw, K Simpson, C Enright, M Boyd, A Rance, S May
    Injury affected: T Langdon, M Johnson, R Murphy
    Midfield: J Kennedy, T Rockliff, P Cripps, R Sloane, M Priddis
    Injury affected- L Shiels, M Murphy
    Rucks: A Sandilands
    Fwds: T Lynch, J Billings, I Heeney,


  4. Can’t wait to see the prices of returning Bombers players.

    Hurley would have to be a lock in defence, and you’d be mad not to consider one of Heppel/Parish/Zaka/Watson (if he’s playing.)


  5. DEF: Docherty, Laird, JJ
    MID: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Hannebery, Rockliff, Bont, Cripps
    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (102k FWD/RUC)
    FWD: Martin, Dahlhaus, Lycett

    Leaves an average of $127,000 for rookies. Might need to downgrade one mid to leave room for a few 150k rookies.

    No mid pricers, no oldies for me.


  6. Luke Parker anyone? Averaged 108 two years ago and 100 last year in an injury affected year. Should finish this year averaging about 113 which is phenomenal for a 23 year old. Could easily increase that output to 115-120 next year. One of the very few mids in the game other than Dangerfield to be able to get 30+ disposals pretty much every week and regularly bag goals. Absolute gun and is a lock for mine even if he doesn’t get DPP status.


  7. how much will beams, fyfe and JOM cost next year. Could be worth the gamble if they are cheap enough and have a decent pre season.
    I am hoping Bernie Vince is a DPP def/mid next year and parker /R Gray are DPP mid/fwd


  8. Grundy is Next year’s Gawn

    O’meara, Swallow, Beams will be cheap along with rocky underpriced again are my locks at the moment


  9. Fyfe and GAJ would have to be mighty well priced for me to be interested in them next season.

    Bennell, O’Meara, Swallow, Heppell, Hibberd all loom as must haves IF they get a discount as we all hope they do.

    Agree with thoughts above about the way Grundy has finished the year.


  10. Fyfe is playing for a huge contract, LOCK.
    Beams will be cheap, WATCH LIST
    Omeara should be under 10k LOCK
    Ablett would need DPP to consider
    Scott Lycett as our #1 ruck man could be tempting.
    I’m considering Goldy/Lycett combo with Ryder up forward, with the plan on upgrading to Gawn.
    Any on know what the price of the banned players will be?


    1. I think they may be the same as this years’ starting price had they played. I doubt you can give Hooker, Heppel, Hibbard and co. rookie starting prices or even mid-pricing.


      1. I would expect something like a 10% discount.

        – If it’s too big, everyone will be starting with them and Champion data don;t want that. (See Ablett this year).
        – If there is no discount, no one will touch them as there is too much unknown how they will come back.
        – 10% will require people to put some thought into who is worth bringing in and provides that sweet spot.


  11. Wow … Schwarzy and everyone here … you guys have too much time on your hands!! I’m struggling to get through this last week … dang if I want to consider next year and with preseasons / injuries accidents etc before then!!



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