Player Review: Bernie Vince

Written by Thommo on March 7 2017

Hands up if you’re having a good JLT…

Dob: 02/10/1985

Team: Melbourne

Position: Def-Mid

Supercoach Price: $501,100

2016 Average: 92.1

2016 Games: 21

Bye Round: 11

Past (2015-2011): 98, 95, 78, 84, 88


Age/Durability: ★★★★★

Vince has missed two matches in three years since moving from Adelaide to Melbourne, one through suspension for an errant elbow and one through injury after a delayed start to 2015.

2016 Form: ★★★★

Bernie had a slight drop-off in his SC score when compared to his career-best 2015 season but he still averaged 25 possessions, 4 marks and 3 tackles per match. These figures seem pretty similar to 2015 but he spent more time in defence in 2016 and the subsequent drop in contested ball caused the drop in his Supercoach scoring. He also used the ball poorly some weeks and lost points through poor kicking/clangers.

Consistency: ★★★

Due to his mixed roles from ball-winning midfielder to tagger, Vince has never scored overly consistently and 2016 was no exception. He recorded highs in excess of 130 points but also dropped three stinky sub-60 scores with a low of 46 points in the Round 23 trouncing by Geelong.

The good news regarding these low scores was that all three occurred in the final 5 rounds, mostly when the Dees were playing ordinary footy.

Ceiling: ★★★

Vince has a decent ceiling for a defender, scoring over 120 points 7 times from a total of 17 tonnes in the last two years.

Tag: ★★★★★

Vince is not known for his kicking and the Dees are starting to develop some depth so it seems unlikely Vince will receive a forward tag.


Vince is priced at 6 points under his best ever season of 2015 when he was spending more time in the midfield. With the Dees’ midfield finally gathering some depth, it seems unlikely Vince will spend much time there in 2017 so predicting an average higher than 2015 seems a stretch.

Overall: ★★★1/2

Bernie will play practically every game this season and pump out another solid 90-point average so he deserves a solid overall rating.


I can’t see much upside in Bernie in his role playing across half-back, even with Melbourne on the rise. However, he’s durable  and pretty much guaranteed to give you an average in the mid-90 range.

A concern for Vince will be the inclusion of slick ball users in Hibberd and Salem into the Dees’ backline. Will there be enough points to go around? The other concern is his tendency to belt players on a regular basis with the tribunal reviewing no less than four separate instances in 2016 for a single week of suspension.

I reckon there are better options in defence this year, no matter how good his preseason form appears.

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34 thoughts on “Player Review: Bernie Vince”

  1. Love Bernie, but he’d need to have a career best SC season to be worthwhile pick, and at 31, that’s unlikely to happen.

    He’ll do what it says on the tin – 21/22 games for a ~92 average. Not the worst, but not the best.

    He’s still Melbourne’s best tagger – I remember him annoying the bejesus out of Danger a couple of seasons ago. I think he’ll still occasionally get this role, which will be enough to hold his overall average back.


    1. Completely agree with this, but will he be a top 6 defender for the year? He’s currently in my team but has been in and out for weeks now. Hard to ignore him, but hard to justify a reliable replacement given he’s at a decent price.


      1. As much as it hurts, I think Howe is a better option for the same price. Averaged 100 from R6 onwards, once he settled into his halfback role. Will also play 22 games.


  2. Great review as always Thommo! Could we possibly have a Zorko review after his stellar performance in the JLT series so far?


  3. I was set on Vince as my D3 (Laird and Adams as D1 and 2) as a slight POD but you raise some good points.
    Who is another good POD option, Im tempted to go with Zac Williams although he cost me a league win last year!


    1. I agree with Father Dougall re: Williams having more upside. Personally I’m heading towards starting proven defenders and getting speculative up forward.


  4. Cheers for the write up Thommo.

    Was still tossing up between Vince/Pittard/Howe for my D2/D3. Have dropped the spot now for Mills, who with Heeney out, will only definitely increase MID time now.


      1. Sure will!

        My tips:
        – Florent comes in for Heeney/Papley
        – Mills spends Heeneys time in the MIDS
        – Melican/Newman comes in to cover Mills/McVeighs time



    1. Don’t think you should take Heeney out as a reason to bring in Mills, he’s only gonna miss a few weeks. You’re picking Mills for the season not the first month.


      1. I probably won’t go with Mills but it is tempting, he’s probably 1 of 2 I have doubts over. I’ll be seeking more info on how bad it is first before Rd1 lockout. Can last a long time in some cases.


        1. It can last a while but unlikely with someone as young and fit as Heeney. I can see the appeal with Mills but it feels like every 2nd player is set for more mid minutes this year, hard to know what to believe.


    1. Buddy starts off seasons averaging higher than he finishes, this stat is taken from the last few relevant years (no point going back 5/6 is there)

      History says start him instead of upgrade if you consider him a must but gotta take into account his preseason surgery.


    2. I’ve done a basic ruck write-up tomorrow including Grundy. I’ll see how I go re: Buddy. Should have time.


  5. So no one thinks Vince sweeping across halfback as he pleases will be a lucrative role?

    Some of the highest scoring defenders in SC play this role.
    I also think Vince sees less tight run with roles in his new position.


    1. I agree he’ll tag less in 2017. Only concern with Vince playing the sweeper role is his kicking can be a bit wayward at times. He had a couple of shockers in 2016 where he racked up clangers.


  6. How Vince fits in with the Dee’s young mids playing more plus Lewis, Melksham (lol) and Hibberd down back concerns me.

    So, who would you take out of Vince and Pittard if you had to pick one?

    Please Thommo, I need to nominate one by COB today for my keeper league.


      1. If Pittard’s hammy doesn’t cause too much pain, I’ll agree with Hutta. To be honest, I don’t much like either option!


        1. We get 3 keepers, 8 team league. Free agent pickups can be taken with your last picks. My options are:
          Z. Merrett – Rd 9
          D. Beams – Rd 13
          R. Laird – FA
          Vince – FA
          Pittard – FA
          Houli – FA

          Leaning towards Laird, Beams and Pittard.



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