Player Review: Jeremy Howe

Written by Thommo on March 9 2017

Why did I leave Melbourne?

Dob: 29/06/1990

Team: Collingwood

Position: Defender

Supercoach Price: $500,500

2016 Average: 92

2016 Games: 20

Bye Round: 13

Past (2015-2011): 74, 85, 73, 79, 64


Age/Durability: ★★★★★

Howe has only missed 3 games in five years, two of those games being Round 1 and 2 of 2016 after an injured finger interrupted his pre-season. Howe’s damn dog needs to learn how to throw a frisbee.

2016 Form: ★★★★

Let’s be honest: Howe sucked on debut. He played in the VFL in Rounds 1 and 2 and then stank up the Pies’ forward line for four straight weeks. In that month he scored 37, 53, 86 and 55 points.

Then, as he does with all his players, Buckley chucked him into the backline. I guess if you send enough players into the backline, eventually one of them works out!

From Round 5, Howe averaged 100.4 points playing in defence including a five match purple patch where he averaged 114.8 points. As a defender he averaged 20.9 possessions and 7.7 marks per match compared with 12.5 possessions and 4.25 marks per match as a forward in the first month of 2016.

Consistency: ★★★★

I’m rating Howe’s consistency based on his time as a defender in 2016. In 16 matches he only dropped under 80 points twice, a 58 in Round 19 and a 71 in Round 12 and he scored over 100 on 8 occasions.

How many defenders score a tonne 50% of the time?

Ceiling: ★★★

From his eight 100+ scores, Howe scored over 120 on four occasions, the highest being a 135 point effort against the Lions in Round 8. Twice in 2016 Howe gathered over 25 possessions so with his marking (and contested marking) ability don’t be surprised if he pumps out the odd huge score in 2017.

Tag: ★★★★★

As happens with Josh Gibson at Hawthorn, some teams will try to expose Howe when he tries to work off his man in defence for intercept marks. I can’t see this happening enough to significantly affect his scoring output.

Value: ★★

Howe is not heavily discounted but he could feasibly score 10 points above his current average in 2017. Given the lack of under-priced defenders this year, Howe appears to be one of the safest value options.

Overall: ★★★★

Howe rates surprisingly well given how little attention he has received in this pre-season. He’s durable, consistent, coming off a strong year yet still offers some value.


Taylor Adams is touted as the sexy option in the backline this year but Howe is worth considering. With Adams’ contested ball numbers he probably has the higher ceiling, but he is likely to get injured or belt someone whereas Howe will probably play all 22 matches.

Let’s just hope he avoids playing Frisbee with his dog during the season.

Jeremy Howe anyone?

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19 thoughts on “Player Review: Jeremy Howe”

  1. I think Howe could finish as the 5-6 Def for total points, despite a lower average than Laird/Adams/Boyd.

    The tricky part is guessing whether his form will continue, or he just had ‘one premium year’ like McDonald, Smith, Birchall, Hurn, Thompson, Malceski.

    His contested marks are a big plus. He’s not particularly damaging with his disposal, so opposition coaches are probably not stressed about him picking up 20-24 possessions a game.


      1. Adams really has to fix durability issues to be the better pick.

        Given the price point on Howe, I’m going elsewhere with Tuohy and Mills, but he may get reconsidered in a risk reduction strategy.


  2. I think Chips! might be onto something with Howe. Definitely a big chance for Top6 DEF over aggregate pts for the entire season. Just might make the starting line-up for Team Schwarz.
    As always Thommo, great stuff!


  3. I see Howe is no longer my little secret! He has been in my team a long time, and I think he is a good top 6 candidate. His response to his move to the back was clear.


      1. Well, he would have ended up coming out in my team reveal – not that there’s anything wrong with that!


  4. I have Adams and Laird locked away for D1 and D2. For me $500k too much to spend on D3 at this stage. He’s been in and out of D3. Currently got Tuohy in D3 spot though.


      1. I worry about Tuohy. My midfield looks great with Tuohy in the backline but he’s feeling like Fools’ gold.


  5. Howe’s one of those players I need to put my personal dislike for aside and consider the numbers. This write up helps with that a lot, so thank-you! I’m not sure I’ll start with him, but if he shows good and consistent numbers I’ll look to upgrade to him. I really just want to start with safer premiums rather than 50/50 who could become that awkward D6 by the year’s end. If he’s firing though, he could be a good bye round upgrade target.

    Also, nice image and caption of Howe. 😉


    1. I was thinking about you and Chips when I wrote that. I think you’ve mentioned your mutual dislike for him before.

      How much will you love it if your Dees make the 8 and the Pies don’t?


  6. Thommo great write up.

    My “system” has been picking him as D3 from the start, been touting Howe even before the pre season.

    Like Father Dougal the secret is out.


  7. However those considering to Dump Adams would make the wrong call.

    Howe is not in PREMO class yet.

    The Defenders who fall into that Catergory are as follows:

    Laird, Doherty, Montagna, Rance, Boyd, Simpson, Shaw, Adams.

    Howe for Risk sake is at best a D3 bit like Touhy. He could rise up be a PREMO, but before that is solid he needs another year.

    They all have history of performance, howe and Touhy have not.


  8. I’m running with Tuohy, I know there’s a chance he’ll spud up season proper, but from a famous line in ‘The Castle’ it’s the vibe! I saw him tear up an International game with Ireland against the Aussies a few year’s ago and thought then the boy’s got something! I think there’s merit that he was specifically traded for a purpose and that he was third rung down at the Blues. With the lack of genuine rookie options this year and doubling down on getting those rookie options right there’s a avenue that allows the dreaded mid pricer back into the game.I’m hoping the good Father or Schwartz or any of the myriad of wonderful writer’s on this site will write a ‘Top 10 breakout list’ at the end of the JLT series for us to have a punt on .I’m guessing. Tuohy would come close to heading that list.



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