Player Review: Zayne Dorko

Written by Thommo on March 13 2017

Will the Magician reach new heights in 2017?

Dob: 9/02/1989

Team: Brisbane

Position: Midfield-forward

Supercoach Price: $593,000

2016 Average: 109

2016 Games: 20

Bye Round: 11

Past (2015-2012): 101, 99, 83, 100


Age/Durability: ★★★★★

Zorko has averaged 21 games per year in the last three years. Since his debut he has only missed four matches in total, three through personal leave and one through suspension.

Lock him in for a full season.

2016 Form: ★★★★★

Normally I reserve the 5 star rating for midfielders who average over 110 points for a season but since he was listed as a forward last year I’ll make an exception.

After missing Round 1 through suspension, Zorko pumped out 9 straight scores over 100 and was one of the few players to average 24 possessions  and over one goal per match.

Unfortunately he spent too much time in the midfield and was stripped of his forward eligibility for 2017. D’oh!

Consistency: ★★★★★

Zorko scored over 100 on 14 occasions and only went under 80 once in the entire season, a 54 point match against Geelong in Round 22. He gets little acclaim for his scoring ability but few midfielders score more consistently than Zorko.

Ceiling: ★★★

As mentioned, Zorko is no stranger to a tonne in Supercoach, but he doesn’t often go truly large. Of his 14 scores over 100, he only scored over 130 on three occasions with a season top score of 151 points.

Across his entire career, he has converted only 14 of his 49 tonnes into scores over 130.

So he’s a reliable premium but not really a captaincy option.

Tag: ★★★★

Zorko had a few poor games when tagged in 2015 but inexplicably most coaches ignored him in 2016, with only the Giants tagging him. Against Scully he managed 116 points so maybe tagging wasn’t a great option!

As long as Beams and Rich remain fit, I can’t see Zorko receiving much attention in 2017.


If Fagan brings a Hawthorn-style, high-possession game plan, expect plenty of extra possessions at the GABBA in 2017. Considering Zorko only averaged 24 possessions in 2016 he has plenty of room for growth, so if he plays mainly in the midfield he could improve a little, but it would be optimistic to expect more than a 5 point improvement.

Overall: ★★★★

Dayne Zorko was the most consistent forward premium of 2016 but as always happens, he has been ignored due to losing his dual position status. However he still rates highly due to his form, consistency and durability.


When Brendon Bolton took over Carlton he implemented a high-possession game plan that saw several players improve their fantasy scoring prowess.

Will Fagan bring the same improvement to the Lions?

To date Fagan seems to favour Zorko in the midfield so he could be the benefactor of any such game plan change. There may be better value elsewhere in the midfield but Zorko could well be a POD that doesn’t stuff your team.

Is Dayne Zorko a POD worth having?

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2 thoughts on “Player Review: Zayne Dorko”

  1. “Zayne Dorko” won’t be in my starting team but he is worth a look going by this article.

    Great write up as usual Thommo


  2. “So he’s a reliable premium but not really a captaincy option.”

    Guess who captained Zorko’s 157 and 148 scores in 15/16?



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