Playing For $

Written by Motts on March 8 2011

(Subtitle: How to make money from your love of SuperCoach)

I’ve been a fantasy footy coach for quite a few years. I haven’t bothered to count how many but when I first started, Nutri Grain were sponsoring DT. Of course, as soon as SC began I made the switch. We all know its a better competition.

A number of boys have been playing with me from the start. Duck for one. Along the way, we’ve had others join our league so that we no longer have the league populated with the nuffies that are allocated to you if you don’t fill up all the spots.

A few years ago we started charging a $50 entry fee. Along the way the prizes have changed but this year the prize structure goes as follows:

  • $400 for the winner of the Major GF
  • $200 for the runner-up in the Major GF
  • $50 for 3rd (designated as the higher scorer of the 2 losing teams in Week 3 of the finals [R23])
  • $50 for highest season score (designated as Rounds 1 to 24)
  • $100 for the highest Cumulative Points scored for the year (designated as Rounds 1 to 24)

Last year we allocated a $50 prize for the winner of the Nuffy GF (the Minor GF) but this year it was decided to do away with it – why reward mediocrity?

So that’s how you can earn some cash for all the time you’re spending reading this site and toying with your team. The only 2 things you’ll need are:

1)     A full league of punters willing to part with a pineapple, and

2)     A trustworthy competition administrator willing to chase people for money/allocate prizes/pay winnings at the end of the season. (in ours it is, of course, me)

Of course, you don’t have to charge $50 to get in. For us, it was a price everyone was willing to pay, its enough to make people passionate and interested, and it means the prizes are pretty decent.

If anyone has any other suggestions for what we could allocate prizes for I’d love to hear them.



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12 thoughts on “Playing For $”

  1. Sounds like a whole lotta fun.

    I’ll get the obvious prizes out of the way first.
    Stone Wood beer &
    Re-dick-u-luss-lee good looking Women.



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