Poll – 2017 Premiers

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 16 2017

Roo Bloke asked us in the Polling Station to find this years Premiers.  Will the Giants justify their favoritism?  Can the Crows go all the way without Dangerfield?  Can the Cats go all the way with Dangerfield?  Can the Doggies reverse their form slump and defend their Crown?  Let us know below (in case you’re wondering, the following teams were the popular ten choices from our ‘Final 8’ poll yesterday)…………..


Who will win the 2017 AFL Premiership?

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10 thoughts on “Poll – 2017 Premiers”

  1. Once again Schwarz, you’ve left the premiers off the list. I hate to go all Trump style on you but the results of this poll are fake news. This is year one of North’s threepeat. 🙂


    1. I like the Crows chances. Although they lack a bit of midfield depth.

      If GWS can get back, even half the talent they have injured. They will be very hard to beat.

      The Doggies don’t look likely to repeat last years great heights. Can fairytales happen twice?

      My tip is GWS to get over the Crows in a tight one. Delidio to kick the sealer.


    1. Maybe if they get Malthouse, T Cloke and Daisy back.

      While they’re at it, maybe they could make Maynard Captain?


      1. Mate, I love the way ya think! But we also need to get Shaw n Brown back too.

        Mick would take this group to a premiership. Buck’s has got to go.


  2. Bulldogs to win back to back. They haven’t started playing yet and still have a few injuries. Their run home isn’t too bad either. They’re paying $11 that’s good odds I recon!



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