Poll – Harmes or the Hoff?

Written by Thommo on August 23 2018

Shaneย has asked for some advice from the community. He wants some bench cover for the final round but he’s a little short on funds so he’s considering a red-hot James Harmes or Justin Westhoff.

James Harmes is coming off three straight tonnes of 114, 107 and 118 while Westhoff has struggled until last week but could go large again this week as he covers the ailing Ryder in the ruck.

Let Shane know your thoughts on Harmes and the Hoff or even if you have another ace up your sleeve in the bargain bin.

Who should Shane trade in as bench cover?

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2 thoughts on “Poll – Harmes or the Hoff?”

    1. Westhoff just wanders around the whole game never picking anyone up or playing a certain position. Sometimes it pays off when the ball follows him all day and other times he looks like a skunk. Does my head in.



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